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National Medical Billing ServicesSomething that makes you healthier and more relaxed

SERVICESBilling and Customer Care We handle of your billing needs, questions and concerns about the financial side of your healthcare facility. This includes sending out bills both paper and paperless to patients; ensuring that patients personal information is accurate and up to date. In addition, we act as your facilitys personal call center for all patient billing matters. No more angry calls from patients to your office demanding to speak to someone immediately about a bill received. Instead of your office staff having to take time out of helping patients to look up records and payments, your patients concerns will be assuaged by a professional, trained, courteous staff who can answer their questions quickly and correctly.Physician Billing ServicesEms Billing Services

SERVICESInsurance Claims While you might not need to go to medical school to understand insurance claims, it wouldnt hurt! With constant reforms and regulations changes, understanding how to properly code services provided and file insurance claims can be among the most perplexing parts of working in a modern healthcare facility. Take away that stress from both yourself and your employees by allowing us to act as your representative in dealing with insurance companies and customers who have insurance questions. Well make sure to get it right the first time, so you do not have to waste your valuable time dealing with the bureaucracy of the insurance system, which often includes long wait times on the telephone, frequent paperwork requests and reading of fine print procedures and policies.Billing SpecialistMedical Coding And Billing

SERVICESEducation It would be easy to just provide the three aforementioned services and call it a day, but at Money Tonic we want our customers to know as much about these processes as they can. It is our ambition to keep you and your employees up to speed on the latest changes in medical billing, healthcare reform and regulation, and best practices for keeping your facility in compliance and operating as efficiently as possible.Medical Insurance Billing And Coding

WHY USWe realize that there are infinite choices when it comes to sourcing your medical billing needs. What sets Money Tonic apart from the rest of the competition?Our company motto Accuracy, Availability, Affordability isnt just words on a screen or a piece of paper, but the way we handle every aspect of our business from the moment we turn the key in the lock first thing on Monday morning until we head home on Friday evening.

National Medical Billing Services

Accuracy: When youre dealing with medical billing, even the smallest errors can be costly, either to your practice or your patients. Our expert staff of medical billing professionals have years of experiences in insuring that these type errors are not made; that insurance claims are filed correctly every time; and that customers are apprised of their bills in the most understandable, convenient way possible.Availability: During the work week, we are at your disposal at a moments notice from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. The same applies to your customers, for whom we will act as the billing department of your practice, clinic or hospital. No more will your phone ring with questions from patients about payments owed or received; all such calls will filter directly to our office in Los Angeles. But no matter how many calls from patients we take during a day, our trained staff is always on hand to answer any question you have, big or small, about medical billing, insurance, or any of our other services.

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