Michaels Treatment Plan

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Case Study Micheal\'s Treatment Plan


<ul><li> 1. Power Point PresentationMichaels Treatment PlanPSY 494Instructor: Adria AdamsJeannie M. Weltzin11/14/2010<br />11/15/2010 7:42 AM<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Michaelis a young healthy man who at this time is not displaying any signs of depression even though he is having a hard time adjusting to prison life. He is ready and willing to give his all in his treatment plan in order to re-enter the community a substance free individual. <br /> 3. Michael has two regrets that we would like to work on in his treatment plan. Michaels first regret involves his relationship with his family. Michaels second regret is that he did not continue his education and finish college. <br /> 4. In order to help Michael improve his relationship with his family I would like to advise Michael to write a letter to his family in order to make amends. Secondly I would like to set up a telephone conversation between Michael and his parents. Third I would like to grantMichael a monitored visitation with his family Parents in order to re-enforce their relationship. <br /> 5. I would also like to introduce Michael to an online educational program thatwill help him accomplish his educational desires.While Michael is involved in advancing his education he will be more likely not to think about the prison life and more focused on his studies and gaining more knowledge.<br /> 6. I believe that in order to continue Michaels positive outlook on the treatment plan for his substance abuse Michael should be encouraged and helped to accomplish his goals. This encouragement will help Michael to continue his treatment without becoming depressed. <br /> 7. I believe that these two re-enforcements will help Michael not only in the prison and substance abuse treatment program but they will also help him to continue his life with goals that will encourage him to continue his life a substance free individual.<br /> 8. Michaels Treatment Plan<br />In Michaels treatment plan it is important to not only treat the substance abuse but also to re-enforce tools that will help Michael to continue his life substance free. <br />One way to re-enforce good tools for success is to encourage Michael to better his relationship with his family, achieve goals thathe regrets not accomplishing, and give him the social tools he will need to re-enter the community.<br />Michaels first step in his treatment plan will be to improve his relationship with his family by writing a letter to his family, calling his family, and then planning a monitored visit with his family to re-enforce their relationship.<br />Michaels next step will be to set an educational goal through online courses that will open his mind and help him to accomplish his educational goals. This will also help Michael keep his mind busy thinking about education rather than the prison lifestyle.<br />Michaels third step in his treatment plan will be to attend daily counseling sessions that will help him to gain the social tools that he will need to re-enter the community and continue to be a substance free individual.<br />If Michael does well and has the re-enforcement that he needs to accomplish his goals it is most likely that Michael will continue his treatment with a positive outlook and accomplish his goals. <br /></p>