Medicinal plants of Sri Lanka

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  • 1. 09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 1
  • 2. Importance of Medicinal PlantsThe medicinal plants find application inpharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural and foodindustry. The use of the medicinal herbs for curingdisease has been documented in history of allcivilizations. Man in the pre-historic era was probablynot aware about the health hazards associated withirrational therapy. With the onset of research inmedicine, it was concluded that plants contain activeprinciples, which are responsible, for curative action ofthe herbs.
  • 3. Lets know about Sri Lanka First.09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 3
  • 4. Sri LankaSri Lanka is an island country in thenorthern Indian ocean off the southerncoast of the Indian Subcontinent in SouthAsia. Known until 1972 as Ceylon, SriLanka has maritime borders with India tothe northwest across the Gulf of Mannarand Palk Strait, and the Maldives to thesouthwest.Lying within the Indomalaya ecozone, SriLanka is one of the 25 biodiversity hotspotsin the world. Although the country isrelatively small in size, it has the highestbiodiversity per 10,000 square km in Asia.
  • 5. Contents Bin kohomba Ekaweriya Kithul White Sandalwood Aththika09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 5
  • 6. Bin K ohomba Botanical name: Munronia pinnata Common Name: Bin Kohomba Family: Meliaceae Habitat: shady forests Morphology: annual - branched, erect - running 1/2 to 1 meter in height.09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 6
  • 7. Uses Ayurveda:cough, Distribution: India, stomachache & as China, Sri Lanka ingredient in Propagation: by seeds Sudarshana Churna, Part used: roots & Chandraprabha watee leaves Allopathy: Special fact: shade Tuberculosis, malaria, loving plant dysentry, sores Status: Rare Unani: skin diseases, fever, purification of blood &anti-malarial09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 7
  • 8. K ithuL Botanical name: Caryota urens Common name: Toddy palm, Wine palm Family: Arecaceae Habitat: evergreen forests Morphology: 15m to 20m tall09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 8
  • 9. Uses Ayurveda: snake-bite Distribution: Sri poisoning and Lanka, Singapore, rheumatic Myanmar & India swellingsUnani: tooth Propagation: by seeds ailments, hair growth Part used: leaf, Allopathy: gastric branches & seeds ulcers, Special fact: migraine,headaches ornamental plant Served as kithul especially leaves honey in Sri lankan Status: Common villages09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 9
  • 10. Aththika Botanical name: Ficus Gulan Common name: Aththika, Munivan Family: Moraceae Habitat: Deciduous Morphology: 18m tall, fruit bearing09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 10
  • 11. Uses Ayurveda: dysentry, Distribution: Indian diabetes, leprosy, subcontinent, Vietnam asthma Propagation: by seeds Allopathy: Part used: bark, hypoglycemic, leaves, fruits antidiuretic, Special fact: It has hypolipidemic important place in all Unani: cough, diseases religion of India of kidney, improve Status: Common skin complexion09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 11
  • 12. Ekaweriya Botanical name: Rauvolfia serpentina Common name: Snakeroot, Sarpagandha Family: Apocynaceae Habitat: Moist deciduous to evergreen forests Morphology: 60 cm high, evergreen, perennial, flowering with eliptical leaves in the pair of three09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 12
  • 13. Uses Ayurveda: reduces Distribution: South blood pressure, and East Asia (from Anti-hypertensive India to China and Unani: anti- Indonesia hypertensive, Propagation: by hypnotic, anti-dote seeds for venomous reptiles Part used: roots Allopathy: cures mental disordes, Special fact: It balancing blood saved life of Ptolemy pressure, dysentry from poisoned arrow. Status: Common09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 13
  • 14. White San dalwood Botanical name: Santalum Album Common name: Shwet Chandana, Santal Family: Santalaceae Habitat: coastal dry forests Morphology: 4-9 m tall, upright & sometimes intertwined09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 14
  • 15. Uses Ayurveda: urinary Distribution: India, tract infections China, Sri Lanka, (UTIs), common cold Indonesia, Malaysia Unani: fevers, sore Propagation: by mouth and throat seeds Allopathy: Part used: wood, Heatstroke, leaves headache, Liver and Special facts: It gall bladder prevents growth of problems fungus & bacteria. Status: Vulnerable09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 15
  • 16. Courtesy Google Wikipedia Agri blog Sri Lankan tourism websites Other Sri Lankan websites09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 16
  • 17. SomendraV yas Ankur Shar maHarikesh Abhishek Jangid Kumar Himansh Jain u Bakul Sharma & Deepak Of Flyers 2C (XC) 09/30/12 Medicinal Plants Of Sri Lanka 17


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