Leptospirosis Hantavirus Nephropathy

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Dr Loh Chek Loong Hospital Kuala Lumpur


  • 1.Leptospirosis Nephropathy

2. Leptospirosis

  • Leptospirosis is a bacterial zoonotic infection caused by a spirochete,L.interrogans
  • Synonyms for the disease include Weil's disease, Swineherd's disease, rice-field fever, cane-cutter fever, swamp fever, mud fever, hemorrhagic jaundice, Stuttgart disease, and Canicola fever


  • A tropical environment with a heavy rainfall, high humidity and wet soil are good media for growth
  • Although Leptospirosis is usually encountered in warm-climate and developing regions but is also reported in European countries and in the USA
  • Grows well in neutral or alkaline environment
  • Rodent (or rats) with their alkaline urine are rich reservoirs


  • Renal involvement is a prominent feature of both mild and severe forms of this re-emerging but frequently ignored infectious disease
  • Subclinical infection, and even the anicteric febrile disease, are self-limiting forms and thus carry an excellent prognosis
  • However, 10-60% of leptospirosis infections may induce acute renal failure (ARF) and are associated with significant morbidity and mortality


  • Risk factors for infection include
    • Occupational exposure
    • Recreational activities
    • Household exposure
    • Other

6. Presentations

  • Hypotension(MAP