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  • 1. Through Postmodernism, Lady Gaga is very obscure with her ideas as she is very unique and unusual.She seems to be more of a entertainer rather than a singer due to her performances and her stylistand interesting costumes. This is one of the main reasons why people go to see her shows and whyher popularity precedes her.Lady Gaga Poker Face

2. Lady Gaga uses simple dance routines, huge sets and strange costumes toattract her audience and raise awareness. This style makes her extremelypopular and well-known. Furthermore, she uses her own ideas, otherartists ideas and combines them to make them into her own insane style.For instance, the music video Telephone is a similar idea from MichaelJacksons music video Bad. This is a form of a intertextual reference as shehas intertextually referenced Michael Jacksons ideas. 3. Lady Gaga has 5 Grammy awards and 13 MTV Video Music Awards. Moreover, she also hasone of the most watched music videos on YouTube with Beyonc, this shows how popularshe is.Audiences that are both niche and mainstream: Radio 1XTRA BBC6 XFM BBC5 LIVELady Gaga is so popular that you can listen to her on the Radio, iPod, TV, Mobile Phone, iPad,YouTube, Sound cloud, Spotify, iTunes, Concerts and even in your car. These versatiletechnologies show she is well-known and popular.She has over 5million+ subscribers and over a billion views on YouTube. 4. Lady Gagas work is copyright infringement. She has exclusive rights which makes her work copyright. Lady Gaga is so popular that companies are ever increasing theways to stop illegal downloading to access her music. It todays modern society, 95% of music which is downloaded, isillegally downloaded. 5. Lady Gaga is a stage name that she has created for her mage. She keeps her private/personal life to herself as she covers this by usingstrange costumes to live up to her image, she has the ability to controlthis. In a interview she quoted I have mastered the art of fame- by this shemeans that by creating a hyper-real version of herself with her strangefashion. She has the ability to say that quote because she has created aexpectation that everyone expects her to pursue. 6. She uses intertextual references in her opening titles in her music videos,such as Telephone. In the music video telephone, the Pussy Wagon signon the car is intertextually referencing Kill Bill Vol. 1 7. Lady Gaga featured in a Campbells Soup advert, inspired by Warhols exploration of mass consumerculture. Lady Gaga and Akerlund challenged the gender stereotype of the housewife role which wasportrayed in the 1950s pop culture. In this advert, Gaga plays the stereotypical 50s housewife in theCampbells tomato soup advert. She adds bricolage by creating a new meaning and downgrading theperfect housewife term by poisoning the food and ends up killing everyone at dinner.