Infographic: 8 Cancer Trends Everyone Must Know

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<ul><li><p>cancer trends 2014</p><p>the basic facts of cancer</p><p>Who does it aect more?</p><p>Men (43.31%) have a </p><p>higher risk of getting cancer </p><p>as compared to women </p><p>(37.81%)</p><p>Prostate Cancer</p><p>Colon &amp; Rectum</p><p>Cancerm</p><p>Melanoma </p><p>of the skin</p><p>Lung &amp;</p><p>Bronchus </p><p>Cancer</p><p>Breast </p><p>Cancer</p><p>Breast Cancer (Female)</p><p>(Female)</p><p>Colon and Rectum Cancer </p><p>Lung and Bronchus Cancer</p><p>Melanoma of the skin</p><p>Prostate Cancer</p><p>1.</p><p>2.</p><p>3.</p><p>4.</p><p>5.</p><p>What are the common types </p><p>of cancer?</p><p>A public service message from</p><p>Source: SEER Cancer Statistics Factsheets: All Cancer Sites. National Cancer Institute, USA.</p><p>But with more research and better medicines, the survival </p><p>rate has gone up to in 68.5% 2006.</p><p>How many are at risk of </p><p>developing cancer?</p><p>40.4%</p><p>Approximately 40.4%percent of men and </p><p>women will be </p><p>diagnosed</p><p>with cancer </p><p>at some </p><p>point during </p><p>their lifetime.</p><p>How many people survived?</p><p>66.1%</p><p>66.1% people survive after 5 years</p><p>of remission</p><p>At what age is cancer most </p><p>fatal?</p><p>75-84People aged have the highest fatality </p><p>rate for </p><p>cancer</p><p>What ages are susceptible </p><p>to cancer?</p><p>65 68 70 72 74</p><p>People between</p><p>the ages 65-74are most likely to develop </p><p>cancer</p><p>13</p><p>5</p><p>42</p><p> saw To better understand it, lets look at 100% increase in new cancer cases.</p><p>everyone must know</p><p>Page 1</p></li></ul>