Increase Your Brain Power and Improve Memory With Centrophenoxine

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Increase Your Brain Power and Improve Memory With CentrophenoxinePowerful anti-ageing agent Centrophenoxine has demonstrated its ability to enhance brain power and longevity. It achieves this through refreshing the body and mind cells. Centrophenoxine has a range of therapeutic benefits such as improving the memory and easing muscle tension.

Centrophenoxine is extensively used for Alzheimers and senile dementia treatment. It belongs to a class of drugs known as nootropics or smart drugs. It has been proven to raise brain power in older people, as well as enhancing longevity and producing a complete sense of mental awareness.

How does centrophenoxine work?

Over the years Lipofuscin (a potassium build up) accumulates in the brain, heart, skin and lung cells. Lipofuscin is a biochemical clutter that builds over a lifetime often reaching 30% of the cell volume in aged animals. The more lipofuscin a cell collects the less ability it has to function effectively and when the limit is reached it can cause the cell to die. Professor Zs - Nagy developed centrophenoxine to aid removal of these lipofuscin deposits and improve cellular communication and lipidity.Centrophenoxine has the ability to flush out the cells in your brain and body thus improving longevity, performance and brain power. Studied and clinically used for over 30 years centrophenoxine is one of the original anti-aging neuro-energizing drugs.Centrophenoxine is a compound of two biochemicals named parachlorophenoxyacetate (pCPA) and diethylaminoethanol (DMAE). pCPA is a synthetic that is similar to a range of plant hormones known as auxins. DMAE is found naturally in some foods particularly in fish. Additionally DMAE is a natural metabolite of choline in the human body.Centrophenoxine increases brain power. It boosts neuronal glucose (main brain fuel) and the uptake of oxygen whilst also increasing the production of carbon dioxide. Furthermore centrophenoxine increases neuronal RNA (obtained from DNA in the cell nucleus). This allows neurons to create proteins which assist in encoding memory along with repairing cell damage.Although Centrophenoxine is recognized as a brain booster it also holds skin benefits. Centrophenoxine is extremely effective at reducing these lipofuscin levels by dissolving and removing these deposits. Lipofuscin causes age spots and centrophenoxine can reduce or prevent this condition.Why should I buy Centrophenoxine?Centrophenoxine is often known as the antiaging drug due to its ability to improve age-related decline in memory and ability to save new information. The influence of centrophenoxine is extremely powerful when fighting cerebral ageing and age-related diseases like senile dementia and Alzheimers disease. It has proven to treat brain damage caused by age, toxic chemicals or stroke. Those that have bought centrophenoxine have described how they have seen improvements in alertness and vigilance after just a few weeks. It is clinically proven to improve memory and raise the brains ability to hold and use new information.Centrophenoxine is used by many to treat key problems like Senile dementia, Alzheimers disease, Brain damage caused by physical injury, old age or stroke, Skin spots (also known as liver spots), Brain injury as a result of chemicals or alcohol/drug abuse and Age-related memory decline.

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