How to Assess Medical Billing Services?

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  1. 1. How To Assess Medical Billing Services? 76w Tlipl,70 Ge?Eve. L(. ,l/ l1.c(4'. ca. ( E3tW. .hg S'eh, .vtccA Key Factors to Evaluate1. Quality of Services 2. Industry Experience.I 3. Technologies Using I 4. Pricing H ' 5. Manpower and capability to take new clients. Process of Billing? I insurariw verification1 Patient 9 Reporting Demograptm Lntry8. Denial l CPT 8: ICUManagement)(orIing Billing Process1 A/ R Iollow Up(3 Payment 1 rlauvv Posting mbrimsiornDetailed Overlook at Key Factors? Quality of ServiceYou must be clear with their services and policies.A billing company performs several functions for reimbursement of provided health services.It is always required to be agreed on level of services before a health care provider and medical billing company get starts. Industry ExperienceWhatever billing company you are going to hire just make sure that the company have enough experience in this domain and have expertise over billing process.Experience not just includes the time but also include their specialties in medical industry.Make sure they are certified in relevant areas like medical transcription,ICD,HCPCS Coding,insurance claiming and billing,appealing and denials,HIPAA compliance etc. Use of TechnologyTo reduce paper based approach and work,health care providers hire medical billing companies in order to streamline their billing process.Technology plays vital role in this complete scenario.The service provider must have customized,tested,secured and efficient software for billing. Pricing ModelPricing is one of the key elements that must be considered while hiring a company.Generally,medical billing services provider offers different packages for their services,that's what you should understand and pick the one according to your requirements.There are basically three pricing models are used which are percentage based,fee based and hybrid. O Manpower and Capabilities to Take.' ' .New Clients WmOnce you are agreed upon the above points,you must evaluate the capadty ofcompany to take new clients.A company that have no capacity to effectively and efficiently follow up with bills will provide you fewer benefits.How exactly a company performs will directly affect your bottom line or revenue. Issued and Published by EbioMetronicsEBTt3i>4.r: Ie: :.NI; :$