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How do you get lean? By hunting a mammoth?

How do you get lean? By hunting a mammoth?How Do I Get Lean Fast?

HOW DO YOU GET LEAN? BYHUNTING A MAMMOTH?Are you looking for the solution to how do you get lean? Have you been spending hours in the gym working out, but those last few pounds refuse to budge? There is a reason for this. Losing body fat is actually 85%

HOW DO YOU GET LEAN? BYHUNTING A MAMMOTH?First, if you aren't taking in a certain minimum number of calories, your metabolism will actually slow down. Your body tries to hang on to the fat it's got so you don't starve to death. This is a biochemical coping mechanism meant to keep you alive when food is scarce, and it won't do you any good if you are looking to get leaner.The second problem with blindly cutting calories is that you may not be getting all the nutrients that your body needs. This leads to cravings and hunger pangs as your body tries to convince you to give it those missing nutrients. You may have the willpower to fight off hunger, but you'll still be left with the negative effects on your health. Your hair, nails, and skin will become dull and brittle. On the inside, your organs will be suffering similar damage as their cells cannot function normally. This definitely isn't the best approach for getting leaner.The truth is that a lot of those people probably weren't eating too many calories in the first place: they were just getting them from the wrong foods. You need to learn a bit about nutrition to know how to get lean, and you have to be dedicated to eating well.

HOW DO YOU GET LEAN? BYHUNTING A MAMMOTH?Even though we live in a modern world where all our basic needs are easily met, our physiology is the same as it was when we lived in caves. The principle of the Paleolithic, or Paleo, diet is that we should be eating roughly the same way.This doesn't mean going out with a club and killing a mammoth. It does mean eating foods which are natural, not processed and preserved, in the proportions that our ancestors would have. Dairy products, cereal grains, legumes, and starchy vegetables are avoided entirely when following the Paleo diet.It will also help you with getting lean.Your digestion will be more efficient, with nutrients being easily absorbed and waste processed easily. Processed foods like margarine contain molecules that your body has to do a lot of extra work to break down. They also lead to blood sugar spikes which contribute to fat retention.So that's the answer to how do you get lean. Regular exercise is important, and has lots of benefits to your health besides keeping you looking good. But if you are serious about getting your waistline leaner and in shape, you have to be sure that you're eating the right foods.

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