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  • 1. How Do You Get Hemorrhoids?A lot of people dont even know they have hemorrhoids. The rectum is not an area you can readilysee. Some times you dont know you have hemorrhoids until you see blood in the toilet water after abowel movement, when you start to have pain or discomfort in the rectum, or when you feel extratissue around the rectum.So how do you develop hemorrhoids? For sure, constipation is not the only way you can gethemorrhoids. Here are some additional ways:* Alcoholism or drinking to many alcoholic drinks* Being pregnant and not eating enough fiber* Doing daily heavy lifting and holding your breathwhile you do it* Eating excessive processed foods, which are low in fiber and move slowly through your colon.* General body weakness, which will affect the colon function* Having a predisposition to constipation or inheriting a weakness in the colon and rectum area* Holding fecal matter too long in the rectum causing pressure to buildup in the rectum veins -postponing a bowel movement* Having a weak liver, which reduces the amount of bile released into the intestines. Bile helps toactive peristaltic action.* Having inflammation in the rectum that causes you to have constipation* Irregular eating patterns* Lack of protein leading to weak tissues and slow healing of wounds* Not eating foods that keeps you constipation free such as fiber, vegetables, essential fatty acids,protein, water.* Not getting the right vitamins and minerals in your food.* Being overweight* Poor muscle tone in the anal area from lack of exercise* Pressure on rectum veins from cysts or tumor in the colon* Sitting in a chair at home, at work, in a car, or in a truck for long periods* Using laxatives to the point where your colon no longer works properly and you end up withconstipationAs you can see there are many reasons that you can develop hemorrhoids. And most of them relateto the function of your colon. If you want hemorrhoid relief look at the list and see which condition orsituation relates to you and try to make changes in these conditions. In addition to changes add newfoods that will help your colon to work better.How Do I Use Pinterest