How can physicians use social media to their benefit?

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<ol><li> 1. How can physicians use social media to their benefit? CureMD Healthcare </li><li> 2. Social Media Social media has become the new medium where people from all walks of life are interacting and sharing their experiences Be it on the micro-blogging website, Twitter, or the more interactive and engaging Facebook or even the video-sharing portal YouTube, there is hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data being shared across some of the most famous social media platforms every day As per an estimate, nearly 44% of US adults are using social media platforms to research about their illnesses and seek answers for their issues </li><li> 3. What to do on social media? Join LinkedIn LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform. It helps you connect, share and receive updates from not only healthcare providers, but also from industry leaders and professionals Follow hashtags on Twitter Look for specific hashtags related to a practice or medical topic and start following it regularly to receive updates from everyone present on the network. It can serve as a great source through which up-to-date information can be shared or discussed </li><li> 4. What to do on social media? Related videos on YouTube Videos are a great source of learning for anyone. Look for videos related to the industry and any particular specialty that is of concern </li><li> 5. Read more on To read more on this topic, visit:</li></ol>