Hospitals For Orthopedic Surgery In India

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  • Orthopedic Surgery In India With Travcure MedicalTourism

  • What is Orthopedic Surgery?Orthopedic Surgery deals with correction of injuries or problems of musculoskeletal system.

    Orthopedic Surgeries are performed on Bones & Joints.

    Orthopedic cures many conditions like degenerative disease, sports injury, tumors, skeletal trauma.


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  • Diagnosishttp://travcure.cominfo@travcure.comX-Rays: Through X-rays, bone mineral density is measured. X-Rays provide large and clear image of joint for better diagnosis.

    CT Scans: This is non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedure which uses combination of x-rays and computer technology to diagnose specific part or area of body.

    Fluoroscopy: It is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real time images of internal parts.

    MRI: This is also an imaging technique to visualize internal structures in detail.

  • Travcure Hospitals For Orthopedic Treatment

    AIIMS All India Institute Of Medical ScienceApollo HospitalsArtemis HospitalAsian Heart InstituteBombay HospitalBone & Joint Care CenterBreach Candy HospitalColumbia Asia HospitalDr B L Kapur Memorial HospitalFortis HospitalsGlobal HospitalsHinduja HospitalJupiter HospitalKohinoor HospitalKokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani HospitalLilavati HospitalManipal HospitalMax HospitalMedanta HospitalMetro HospitalNarayana Health HospitalApollo Spectra HospitalsParas HospitalsRock land HospitalRuby Hall ClinicSaifee HospitalSuretech HospitalWockhardt HospitalYashoda HospitalSAL HospitalKIMS HospitalAster Medcity HospitalCurrae HospitalsHiranandani HospitalIndian Spinal Injuries CentreJaslok HospitalJaypee HospitalSir Ganga Ram HospitalSterling Hospital

  • Cost Of Orthopedic Surgery Indiahttp://travcure.cominfo@travcure.comA knee replacement surgery in India would only cost $9,000. This same surgical procedure would cost $18,000 in Mexico, $13,000 in Thailand & an exorbitant $52,000 in the United States.

    Cost OF Bilateral Hip Replacement is $10,000 in India while its nearly $55,000 in US, $19000 in Mexico and $14,000 in Thailand.

    Spinal Fusion Surgery cost $6,300 in India while $85,000 in US, $13,000 in Mexico and $10,000 in Thailand.

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