Fundamentals of musculoskeletal ultrasound e

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  • Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, 2e

    Jon A. Jacobson MD

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  • Publisher : Saunders

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  • ISBN : 1455738182

    Author : Jon A. Jacobson MD

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  • Master the key concepts you need to perform, read, and interpret musculoskeletal ultrasounds. Astraightforward approach, an abundance of detailed ultrasound images, and online videodemonstrations provide step-by-step guidance that makes learning easy.

    Find answers quickly thanks to a succinct, highly accessible writing style that makes information easyto understand.Deepen your understanding of the anatomy of peripheral joints so you can interpretultrasound scans with confidence. Differentiate one condition from another by examining thesonographic appearances of common musculoskeletal pathologies.Correlate your knowledge ofanatomy with the development of skilled ultrasound technique. This is an excellent primer forrheumatologists incorporating MSK US into their practices to evaluate and treat inflammatory jointdiseases.See exactly how to examine each body region (shoulder, hand, etc.) by watching videodemonstrations. 5-minute walk-throughs show you how to perform each ultrasound examination, and15-second case-based clips illustrate a variety of clinical findings you might see.

    Visually grasp and understand essential concepts, techniques, and interpretation skills through over700 high-quality images including 100 color Doppler examples.

    Apply the best practices and stay current with updated content, including a new chapter oninterventional musculoskeletal ultrasound.

    Access the full text online at including the entire image library and video clips.

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