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1. The Food Pyramid 2. Having a healthy and balanced diet is important to any persons health A nutritious an balanced diet, means eating foods from all food groups FOOD GUIDE 3. VEGETABLES You should try to eat at least 5 portions of both fruit and veg a day Vegetables can be eaten either fresh, frozen, fried, mashed or canned for it to count as part of your 5 a day Carrots, Spinach, Peas, Corn, Squash are some vegetables that you can find within local shops Again just like with fruit you can mix vegetables together to make various smoothies. 4. FRUITS You should try to eat at least 5 portions of both fruit and veg a day Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Grapes, Oranges, Melons etc. are just some of the well known and delicious fruits you can by from shops. You dont just have to eat fruits as the fruit themselves, you can mix various fruits together with other healthy products to make things such as smoothies and milkshakes. 5. FATS Fatty foods, are foods such as chips, butter, cream and fried food. You should eat as little fatty foods and sugar foods as possible as fatty and sugar foods can contribute to things such as weight gain (obesity) dental and heart problems These types of food have no or very little vitamins in them or nutrients. 6. GRAINS Grain foods are foods like bread, cereal, rice, oats; anything thats made from wheat is a grain product. You should eat roughly 6oz of foods within the grain category every day. Grain products help to give you energy as they are carbohydrates. 7. DAIRY Dairy products help to provide your body with calcium; calcium helps your bodys bones to develop and strengthen Dairy products are things like cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream The dairy products you should choose are foods that are fat free and low in fat You should consume roughly around 3 cups of dairy foods a day. 8. OTHER FOODS Beef, lamb, pork, chicken are food products part of the meat group Beans, fish, eggs, nuts and poultry are other food products that you should consider consuming to help create a health and balanced diet Most of these choices should be lean and low in fat; foods like fish and nuts are good to consume as they contain oils that are healthy. You should eat roughly 5 oz. of these foods every day.