Endoscopic assisted SARME

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Text of Endoscopic assisted SARME

  • Endoscopic assisted SARME

    M.S. Maningky OMF Surgeon


    Open technique le Fort I incision


    Narrow maxilla

    Nasal and zygomatic buttress, alveolar bone midline

  • Adverse effects

    Postoperative pain and swelling

    Oroantral communication

    Reduced depth of labial fold due to scartissue contraction

  • Endoscopic assisted SARME

    Single vertical midline incision

    Subperiosteal tunnel

    Storch 0' endoscope

    Round bur

  • Single incision

  • Subperiosteal tunnel

  • Round burr

  • Zygomatic buttress

  • Bone incision

  • Contralateral side

  • Intact Schneiderian membrane

  • No scarring in labial fold

  • Benefit endoscopic vs open

    Reduced postoperative pain and swelling?

    No oroantral communication

    No scartissue in labial fold

    Direct visualisation distal to zygomatic buttress