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  1. 1. Evolution biology makes me a Pastist to be a good Futurist Seeing the past can show possible futures
  2. 2. Science tells us our universe decays and life is fierce struggle in scarcity We have been taught a secular Creation Story
  3. 3. Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species It is the doctrine of Malthus applied with manifold force to the whole animal and vegetable kingdoms Fierce competition as human nature
  4. 4. What if there is more to the story? What if evolution is an intelligent improvisational dance?
  5. 5. its (intelligent) process is creating living systems If we assume the Universe is alive, as Islamic science holds,
  6. 6. In eastern sciences (Vedanta,Tao, Kotodama) Consciousness is the source of all reality
  7. 7. MATTER ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY MIND/SPIRIT (consciousness) COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS ZPE I have put duality away and see the two worlds as one Rumi WEST SCIENCE EAST
  8. 8. might Biology be the leading science rather than Physics, giving us a cosmology of intelligent self-creating living systems? If we assume the Universe is alive,
  9. 9. Life is too intelligent to proceed one accident at a time
  10. 10. After each great global extinction Crisis is always Opportunity many new species appeared together
  11. 11. is conservative with what works well and is radically creative when crises strike! Nature:
  12. 12. Darwin: Competition Kropotkin: Cooperation
  14. 14. Chris Venhaus www.venhaus1.com Type I Ecosystem (Pioneer) Darwinian scarf resources hog territory multiply wildly highly competitive Type III Ecosystem (Climax) Kropotkinian share territory share resources feed other species highly cooperative ECOSYSTEMSMATURATION?
  15. 15. Bacteria Us Here is my happier story of Evolution
  16. 16. Early Earth only archebacteria (archaea)
  17. 17. Archaea caused worldwide crises of hunger &pollution, solving them by Harnessing solar energy Creating the first World Wide Web Inventing breathing & electric motors Evolving a huge cooperative cell YES, Bacteria!
  18. 18. Bacterium Nucleated Cell (Protist, Eukaryote) Only cell evolving after bacteria: a cooperative!
  19. 19. Photo by Rich Dutton www.richweb.net Creative cooperation is mature cheaper to feed enemies than to kill them
  20. 20. After a feisty, competitive youth, multi-celled creatures evolved as cooperatives in the last quarter of evolution
  21. 21. Biologically, We are a big-brain experiment
  22. 22. Humans traded inner knowing/rules for big-brained freedom of choice Can we choose to live sustainably?
  23. 23. A real science of economics must be based on Natures mature systems
  24. 24. Every human body has 50 -100 trillion cooperating cells! For example
  25. 25. Small systems may not be simpler than large ones One cell is complex as a large city
  26. 26. 30,000 Recycling Centers in Every Cell! Scientific American, Jan 2001 old and obsolete proteins remade into new protein 50-100trillion cells in your body
  27. 27. 1,000/cell banker mitochondria stored-value debit cards; never repaid Energy currency is called ATP (adenosine triphosphate)
  28. 28. Self interest (not selfishness) leads to negotiation, compromises and cooperation to dynamic harmony in a win/win system at every level of your body
  29. 29. Even after all this time the Sun never once says to Earth Earth, You owe me! Look what happens with a love like that It lights up the whole sky - Hafiz
  30. 30. No science is possible without assumptions To theorize about a universe one needs some conception of that universe http://digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/HistSciTech
  31. 31. Science rests on Cosmologies (Worldviews) Non-living universe Objective universe Emergent Consciousness Life from Non-life
  32. 32. www.theage.com.au www.buzzle.com Whether Consciousness creates matter or matter creates consciousness is a a matter of belief as scientific axiom
  33. 33. Some of us initiated a paradigm shift with cosmic life replacing non-life; consciousness primary instead of
  34. 34. In 2008 I convened a First International Symposium on Foundations of Science In Hokkaido, Japan We listed many assumptions
  35. 35. During the symposium, I had an epiphany: replacing assumptions is a conquest model My evolution theory is about maturation from conquest to consortium, so why not a global consortium of sciences?
  36. 36. Life arises from non-life by a series of fortuitous accidents Life arises by self-organization in a living universe Two different cosmologies give us two different sciences:
  37. 37. In a 2nd Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, 2009, we explored assumptions of Islamic Science and possibilities for its unique contributions
  38. 38. Imagine a consortium of East/West sciences, with equal validity and mutual respect, built on culturally diverse assumptions
  39. 39. This solution, rather than the conquest of one paradigm by another, represents mature collaboration and a fruitful division of labor in solving global problems
  40. 40. Looking back into our beginnings: we have survived a dozen Ice Ages! 99% of human history: hunter gatherers among other large mammals
  41. 41. Werner Herzogs Cave of Forgotten Dreams
  42. 42. What does 32,000 yr old art tell us?
  43. 43. 100,000 yrs of cooperative communities 6,000 yrs of competitive empires
  44. 44. The sun is setting on the Age of Empire Yang Youthful Competition Control/Order Mine/Yours Monoculture Fear in Scarcity Yin Mature Cooperation Messiness/Mystery We/Ours Diversity/Creativity Love in Abundance and rising on the Age of Global Family
  45. 45. Chris Venhaus www.venhaus1.com I believe it is our evolutionary mandate to create sustainable global economics and truly become a Global Family
  46. 46. Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Rumi Photo: Bruce Bigenho Santa Barbara Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss Earth Rumi
  47. 47. Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Rumi Photo: Bruce Bigenho Santa Barbara So, do what makes your heart sing to make a better world for all!