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HIMSS Overview Richard Moore CSOHIMSS President 9/20/2010

CSOHIMSS - OSU HIMS Students 20100920

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CSOHIMSS & OSU Student HIMS Fall Kick-off Meeting - Monday 9/20, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm, OSU Union All were welcome to meet for Pizza, drink and conversation about HIMSS, CSOHIMSS and opportunities for the OSU HIMS Students in health information technology. 22 students, 1 OSU faculty (Melanie Brodnik) and 3 CSOHIMSS Bd (Rick Moore, Russ Hessler, Albert Lai). OSU Union 1739 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43210 (614) 688-4636 Creative Arts Room - 0145B http://ohiounion.osu.edu

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HIMSS Overview

Richard MooreCSOHIMSS President


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Richard Moore• Independent consultant since 1996• Working in Clinical and Practice Management

Systems – Payers, providers, State entities, Medicaid and Vendors.

• HIPAA X12 transactions and coding, Privacy and Security

• Health Information Exchange – models for the Nationwide Health Information Network.

• Advocacy and Public Policy• OSU 1977

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Medical Science?

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Technology you built

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Medical Science

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Ohio Advocates - from CSOHIMSS and NOHIMSSLeft to right: Michele Fronckiewicz (CHAS); Barbara Cox (Gap Consulting); Richard Moore (eHealth Ohio); Jamie

Skipper (Skipper Congressional Strategies); C. Martin Harris (Cleveland Clinic); Tom Mackey (Aultman).

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National HIMSS

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HIMSS Strategic DirectionVisionWe believe lives can be saved, outcomes of care improved, and costs reduced by transforming the delivery of healthcare through the appropriate use of information technology (IT) and management systems. MissionOur mission is to lead healthcare transformation through the effective use of health IT through knowledge sharing, advocacy, collaboration, innovation, and community affiliations.

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HIMSS History• 1961: Founded as “HMSS” – a healthcare-focused

management engineering Society • 1987: Renamed “HIMSS” – Welcomed IT professionals• 1995: Established HIMSS Foundation – scholarships• 2001 - 2003: Created corporate memberships, introduced

focus on EHRs, linked to developers & IT pros• 2004: Created research effort – “HIMSS Analytics”• 2005: Established a global presence• 2006: Introduced focus on payment and business end of

healthcare IT• 2007: Introduced Affiliate and Organizational Memberships

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HIMSS Today• 27,000 Individual Members of which 73% work in

Provider locations.• Offices in Chicago, Ann Arbor, Washington D.C.,

Brussels, Singapore and other locations across the United States

• 400 Corporate Members• 90+ committees, task forces, & work groups• 47 Chapters – CSOHIMSS & NOHIMSS• Over 1500 members in Ohio• Top 5 largest healthcare conference in US

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Links to Explore

• http://www.himss.org

• http://www.himss.org/ASP/educationHome.asp

• https://himss.learn.com/learncenter.asp?id=178409

• http://www.csohimss.org/index.html

• http://www.himss.org/ASP/youngProfessionals.asp

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Professions of Members• Providers, Suppliers, Consultants• Clinicians• Senior management: CIOs, CMIOs, CNOs, CFOs• IS/ME middle management & staff• Military• RHIOs/HIE• Nat’l & State Policy Professionals• Payers/employers• Life Sciences• Public Health• Students• Consumer Organizations• Investment firms

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Focus Subjects & Settings

Subjects• EMR, EHR, PHRs• HIE & Interoperability• IT Adoption• Privacy & Security• Quality & P4P• Financial Systems• Clinical Informatics• Patient Safety• Management Systems• Standards & architecture

Settings• Hosptial• Ambulatory• Life Sciences• Research• Military• Payer• Public Health• Long-Term Care• Home Health• Vendors

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Member Communities

we offer over 150 ways for a member to be involved

• Advancement• Chapters• Special Interest Groups• Steering Committees• User Groups• Workgroups/Taskforces

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47 Chapters

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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)· Chapter Advocacy

· Chapter HIE Liaisons

· Air Force CIO’s

· E-Health

· Educators

· Electronic Health Records

· Long Term Care & Post Acute Care

· Offshore Opportunities

· Pediatric Health Informatics & Technology

· Project Management


· Small & Independent Consultants

· Supply Chain Management

· Open Source

User Groups





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Advancement via CPHIMS

• Credential for showing proficiency and expertise in HIT.

• Recognized by the industry• Helps job candidates stand-out• Continuing Education Units to retain credential• http://www.himss.org/asp/certification_cphims.asp

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Advancement by ExperienceNational members are chosen for advancement after meeting several criteria based on professional capability, experience, leadership and service to their profession. Individuals who have advanced to Senior Member, Fellow, or Life status are leaders within the society implying not only recognition for past contributions but also the expectation of continuing participation and contributions to HIMSS and the healthcare community.

Apply for advancement today!

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5 Good Reasons to be a Member

1. Be in the know of what is going on in the industry, especially with the economic stimulus bill (ARRA) and Healthcare Reform.

2. Establish a method for continuing education

3. Gain faster access to industry intelligence

4. Find a link to public policy & advocacy issues

5. Build a professional network & plan a career strategy

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Membership Categories• National: $140

• Chapter-Only: $30(limited benefits)

• Full-Time Student: $30(Evidence of full-time student status must be provided. Acceptable proof includes copy of class schedule or official letter from your institution. Student ID cards are not acceptable as proof of current student status)

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Individual member - $140 Leadership – Be a part of federal initiatives,

committees and HIMSS communities.Knowledge – You have invaluable news and

information at your fingertips with HIMSS publications and resources.

Recognition – Attain recognition & enhance professional development, with exclusive awards, advancement opportunities, and industry-recognized certification

Connections – Get involved HIMSS Communities at no additional cost, and connect with peers

Involvement – Voices can be heard through the HIMSS advocacy program.

Savings – Receive discounted registration to attend the industry’s largest conference, the HIMSS Annual Conference.

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Chapter Only Member - $30

Networking: Meet with other professionals in your region and across the nation to discuss issues of mutual concern

Knowledge: Get invaluable news and information with HIMSS resources

Speaking Out: Be a voice for your local communities and at the national level

Involvement: Get involved in specialized interest communities

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Student member - $30Networking: Opportunities to meet seasoned


Learning: Gain industry knowledge and Continuing Education Credits

Connecting: Find opportunities with the HIMSS JobMine, Career Fair, Mentoring, and Student Symposium

Developing: Enhance professional development

Achieving: Scholarship awards from the HIMSS Foundation for undergraduate, graduate and PhD candidates who represent the future industry leaders

Leadership: Actively participate in your chapter by acting as the Student Director

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HIMSS Membership Gives you the Keys to Success

• The latest healthcare IT business and regulatory intelligence

• Comprehensive career support • Extensive educational programs covering

everything from core competencies to the latest hot topics

• Networking opportunities with industry leaders

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HIMSS Grant Advantage

• A Funding Intelligence Service to empower HIMSS Members to advance healthcare IT funding initiatives by providing tools and resources for all aspects of the grants management lifecycle. Developed in collaboration with Grants Office LLC, HIMSS Grants Advantage allows subscribers to save time and money by accessing a single, trusted, reliable resource for valuable and timely healthcare IT grant information from a variety of funders. Visit http://www.himss.org/ASP/grantsadvantage.asp to learn more.

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Start Networking Today: Join HIMSS Connect

HIMSS Connect is the Society's social networking site offered exclusively to HIMSS Members and annual conference

attendees. Visit the online Member Center to create a profile.

HIMSS also has groups on other social networking sites. Sign up and get connected today!

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Mark your Calendar forHIMSS Events

10/15/2010 - CSOHIMSS Fall Conference - Healthcare Odyssey: Beyond Meaningful Use, Worthington Hills Country Club, Worthington, Ohio

10/17-19/2010 - HIMSS Midwest Conference, Minneapolis, MN

10/25/2010 - OSU CITIH - Center for IT Innovations in Healthcare - 4th Summit, Easton Hilton, Columbus, Ohio

10/27/2010 - OHIP EHR Educational Conference for Physicians and their Staff, OSU Student Union, Columbus, Ohio

February 20-24, 2011 - National HIMSS Conference in Orlando

March 30, 2011 - Advocacy Day

May 13, 2011 - Spring Conference Fisher Titus Medical Center

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Rick Moorewww.CSOHIMSS.org

[email protected]