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<ol><li> 1. Getting Orthodontics in Melbourne Orthodontics at Unity Dental Unity Dental has helped to improve the smiles of hundreds of orthodontic cases as you will see from our before and after Smile Gallery. Orthodontic treatment involves the design and use of corrective appliances (such as braces, plates, headgears and functional appliances) to bring the teeth and jaws into proper alignment We offer various treatment options ranging from traditional metal braces and clear (ceramic) braces. We understand that orthodontic treatment is a big adjustment for you and we are passionate about providing the most aesthetic treatment. Orthodontics is not just for teenagers anymore. Adults of all ages are now considering orthodontic movement of their natural teeth, and no longer need to be self-conscious when they smile. For some it may even mean fewer veneers or crowns if the teeth are straightened first! Children are advised to have their first orthodontic check-up from age 7, however most do not require treatment until after losing all of their primary or baby teeth. </li><li> 2. Before Case 1 and After Orthodontics Case 2 Case 3 </li><li> 3. Case 4 Case 5 </li><li> 4. Case 6 </li></ol>