Colonoscopy with polypectomy

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  • 1. Colonoscopy with polypectomy (CWP) Patricio Ancheta & Alfredo DeGuzman

2. Presentation Outline Medical terminologies Indications of CWP Anatomy of the Large Intestine Procedure of CWP Reprocessing of Colonoscope 3. COLONOSCOPY Root - colon/o Meaning colon (refers to the largest portion of the large intestine) Suffix scopy (means process of visual examination) 4. Colonoscopy is the visual examination of the colon using an endoscope The Examiner: Colonoscopist 5. POLYPECTOMY Root polyp refers to the benign growth protruding from the mucous membrane of the colon). Suffix ectomy Meaning -excision, removal, resection Polypectomy means the resection/excision of polyp. 6. Colonoscopy with polypectomy 7. Anatomy 8. Medical Indications Polyps identified at colonoscopy cause no harm to the client but its behaviour is unpredictable and may possibly lead to slow progressive bowel cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to remove it during colonoscopy. 9. Procedure The night before, the patient is given laxative to remove yuckies. Before the procedure, the patient is informed about CWP. 10. Colonoscopy Procedure Undignified dignified 11. Procedure Once inside the rectum, the examiner uses the image projected on the screen to guide his/her way inside the colon. 12. Reprocessing of FE Immediately after the procedure, wiped clean using water and enzymatic solution. Insert scope in suction valve to aspirate enzymatic solution and work through it. 13. Perform Leak Test 14. Manual Cleaning & Rinsing Disassembled parts as far as practicable. Meticulously clean and brush, etc. Flush-rinse after this process. 15. Drying and LTS Drying following cleaning. Chemical Disinfection or Low Temperature Sterilisation 16. Storage Specialised cabinet Packed aseptically for quick dispatch. 17. Thank you. For Questions, Ask Alfredo?