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  • 1. Teresa M Morris RegistrarBupa Foundation

2. Background The Bupa Foundation is an independent medical andhealth research charity that funds research to prevent,relieve and cure sickness and ill health The Foundation aims to fund high-quality research withthe potential to improve the health of individuals acrossthe UK and internationally 3 million annual donation from Bupa Small legacies/individual donations Independent Board chaired by Professor Parveen Kumar 3. Aims and objectives The Foundations objectives are to offer grants to fund research into identifying and evaluating solutions with the potential to improve healthoutcomes at a population-level as well as reducinghealth inequalities. 4. The funding will be for the following areas: achieving sustained behaviour changes in relation tosmoking, diet, physical activity and alcohol consumption facilitating wellbeing and preventing mental ill health improve patient decision-making through, for example,shared decision-making interventions improving the design of community health activities by usingnew technologies to cost-effectively organise and interprethealth outcome data 5. Programmes Medical research grants Philip Poole Wilson Seed Corn Fund Multi-country grants Annual prizes 6. EligibilityMedical research grants UK-based research into one of our areasof funding. Not a pilot project. Not led by a young researcher. Funding of up to 100,000 per year for amaximum of three years. 7. EligibilityMulti-country grant Research based in two or more of thefollowing countries: United Kingdom, Spain,Australia, New Zealand, the United States orIndia. Not a pilot project. Not led by a young researcher. Funding of up to 600,000 for a maximum ofthree years. 8. EligibilityPhilip-Poole Wilson Seed Corn Fund UK-based research into one of our areasof funding. Either a young researcher or a pilotproject. Maximum of 20,000 for a maximum of 12months. 9. EligibilityNot eligible Research outside of the UK that doesnt fit into amulti-country grant. Funding for a seminar or conference. Funding for a systematic review. Course fees, medical elective funding orpayment of academic fees for a higher degree. Students. Product development. Pre-clinical research. 10. Grant Tracker Online forms - bothshort and full forms List of rounds openfor applications Allows you to saveyour applicationand go back in atany stage beforethe deadline 11. Stage 1 short formComplete a short form application of just 500 words includinginformation about: eligibility project title duration of project estimated amount requested brief rationale objectives design and methodology to be employed relevance to Foundation objectives and potential for public health benefit sustained impact beyond funding period project outcomes and deliverables details of any partners involvedThis is then reviewed by a sub-scrutiny panel 12. Stage 2 full application The full application needs to include detailedcosts All applications are sent for external peer review Applications are reviewed internally by the Board The Foundation uses the MRC scoring system Shortlisted applications scoring 8/10 and aboveare reviewed at the Board meeting 13. How to apply Check eligibility and information on programmesvia the website www.bupafoundation.co.uk Register on the Grant Tracker website Check content and costs with fellow applicants,head of department, finance officer and/or yourresearch manager Check your form carefully before validating it Submit your form online Post one copy of the PDF with originalsignatures 14. Common reasons for not beingshortlisted Not reading the guidance on the website Ineligible applications (too long, overpriced) Not meeting the Bupa Foundation objectives Inadequate information on methodology Overinflated costs to cover various externalconsultant fees, development costs, hiddenoverheads Application is for PhD, salary for a member of staff,piece of equipment or development 15. Annual prizes For completed research Must meet the eligibility criteria forapplication Can be from any funder, not just the BupaFoundation Each prize is 15,000 Given out at a black tie VIP prize givingdinner 16. 2011 Prizes Healthy Lives 17. Seminar Future focused health 11 October 20121.30pm to 5.15pm The aim of the seminar is to promote the BupaFoundation funding available for research towards ahealthier society. We have invited leaders in this work toexpand on current ideas through masterclass talks. Weaim to inspire researchers to design the excellent projects needed to make a real difference to publichealth in future and to talk to us about funding them. 18. Speakers for this event include: Dr David Pencheon, Director of the NHS Sustainable Development Unit(Keynote speaker) Dr David Ogilvie, UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR),MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge Dr Simon Griffin, Assistant Unit Director, MRC Epidemiology Unit, Cambridge Professor Graham MacGregor, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at theWolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physicianat St Georges Hospital, London. Professor Ann McNeill, Professor in Health Policy and Promotion, Faculty ofMedicine & Health Sciences, University of NottinghamTo register, visit the website -www.bupafoundation.co.uk/seminar 19. Who to contactKate Brown Louise MaclachlanGrants Officer Assistant RegistrarTelephone: 020 7656 2591 Telephone: 020 7656 2509kate.brown@bupa.comlouise.maclachlan@bupa.comTeresa MorrisIona ChessellsRegistrarPrizes administratorTelephone: 020 7656 2536 Telephone: 020 7656 2246teresa.morris@bupa.com bupafoundationawards@gmail.comFor all press enquiries, including image and logorequests, please email bupafoundation@bupa.com 20. Any Questions ? Thank you for your time