Brave new world revisited

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<ul><li> 1. Brave New World RevisitedOverpopulation and Brainwashing<br />Tyler Banks<br />Bryce Burciaga<br />John Diskin<br />Jarrett Gonzales<br />Eamon OBrien<br />Joey Takehara<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Population Growth (in millions)<br /> 3. How to Solve Over-population:Birth Control<br />Huxley notes that birth control is a hard way to control a population because<br />Religious and social traditions are against birth control <br />Birth control requires the cooperation of people who have some sort of intelligence<br />Examples of birth control:<br />Abortions, contraceptives,<br />abstinence, etc.<br /> 4. Resistance to Birth Control<br /></p> <ul><li> For the first time in about fifteen years, last year marked the first year in which more than 50% of America was against abortion.</li></ul> <p> (according to a Gallup Poll)<br /> 5. How to Solve Over-population:Death Control<br />Huxley contends that death control is much more effective in containing the population than birth control <br />There are hardly any religions in favor of unrestricted death<br />However, some religions are against such forms of assisted death as euthanasia<br />Examples of Death Control<br />Assisted suicide (euthanasia)<br />Lack of health care for elderly<br /> 6. Deaths per Year vs. Births per Year(In the United States)<br />Deaths in 2007<br />2,423,712<br />Births in 2007(According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)<br />4,317,119 <br />The fact that the United States births greatly exceed its deaths indicates that it is a rapidly growing nation. <br />Thus, death control would be an effective way to stabilize the population. <br /> 7. Decreasing Death Rate<br />The death rate has been decreasing because of the introduction of new health measures such as<br />Clean water<br />DDT: an agricultural insecticide <br />Penicillin: effective against diseases like syphilis<br /> 8. How the Brave New World Solved the Population Crisis<br />The Brave New World solved the problem by establishing an optimum figure for world population (around two billions)<br />This number was maintained <br />through means of both death <br />control and birth control. <br /> 9. Over-population Totalitarian Governments<br />population increase available resources are strained precarious economic situation government must take up additional responsibilities totalitarian government<br />This process will first take place in the underdeveloped countries<br />They have the highest growth rates and they lack the resources necessary for suchlarge populations <br /> 10. Formation of Totalitarian Governments Threat to Democracy Everywhere<br />The totalitarian governments would likely engage in warfare with nations like the United States<br />This would cause the U.S. to become economically strained and it would go through the process described on the previous slide <br /> 11. Where We Stand Now<br />The current world population is estimated to be6,865,900,000.<br />In 2050, it is estimated that the worlds population will be 9,309,051,539. (U.S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Projections.)<br /></p>