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  • 1. Brave New World RevisitedOverpopulation and Brainwashing
    Tyler Banks
    Bryce Burciaga
    John Diskin
    Jarrett Gonzales
    Eamon OBrien
    Joey Takehara

2. Population Growth (in millions)
3. How to Solve Over-population:Birth Control
Huxley notes that birth control is a hard way to control a population because
Religious and social traditions are against birth control
Birth control requires the cooperation of people who have some sort of intelligence
Examples of birth control:
Abortions, contraceptives,
abstinence, etc.
4. Resistance to Birth Control

  • For the first time in about fifteen years, last year marked the first year in which more than 50% of America was against abortion.

(according to a Gallup Poll)
5. How to Solve Over-population:Death Control
Huxley contends that death control is much more effective in containing the population than birth control
There are hardly any religions in favor of unrestricted death
However, some religions are against such forms of assisted death as euthanasia
Examples of Death Control
Assisted suicide (euthanasia)
Lack of health care for elderly
6. Deaths per Year vs. Births per Year(In the United States)
Deaths in 2007
Births in 2007(According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
The fact that the United States births greatly exceed its deaths indicates that it is a rapidly growing nation.
Thus, death control would be an effective way to stabilize the population.
7. Decreasing Death Rate
The death rate has been decreasing because of the introduction of new health measures such as
Clean water
DDT: an agricultural insecticide
Penicillin: effective against diseases like syphilis
8. How the Brave New World Solved the Population Crisis
The Brave New World solved the problem by establishing an optimum figure for world population (around two billions)
This number was maintained
through means of both death
control and birth control.
9. Over-population Totalitarian Governments
population increase available resources are strained precarious economic situation government must take up additional responsibilities totalitarian government
This process will first take place in the underdeveloped countries
They have the highest growth rates and they lack the resources necessary for suchlarge populations
10. Formation of Totalitarian Governments Threat to Democracy Everywhere
The totalitarian governments would likely engage in warfare with nations like the United States
This would cause the U.S. to become economically strained and it would go through the process described on the previous slide
11. Where We Stand Now
The current world population is estimated to be6,865,900,000.
In 2050, it is estimated that the worlds population will be 9,309,051,539. (U.S. Bureau of the Census, Current Population Projections.)