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Dr. Strehlau of Audiology & Hearing Health outlines what tinnitus is, why tinnitus occurs and possible treatment options

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  • 1. Tinnitus

2. Objectives Tinnitus: o Definition o Effects o Causes o Diagnosis o Treatment 3. Audiology and Hearing Health Jewell Baggett-Strehlau, Au.D. 31 years of experience Provides diagnostic and tinnitus treatment services Has personal experience of tinnitus from an airbag deployment 4. .over 50 million Americans experience tinnitus1American Tinnitus Association1 5. Pronunciation of Tinnitus Tinnitus can be pronounced one of two ways.Tin-NIGHT-us TIN-it-us 6. Definition A sensation of noise (as a ringing or roaring) that is caused by a bodily condition. My ears whistle and buzz continually, day and night...such a condition is truly frightful. -Beethoven 1801Merriam Webster 7. Effects He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. - Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor 161 to 180) Loss of Inner Silence Emotional Upset and Panic Sleep Disturbance Weak and Vulnerable feelings 8. Effects Reading in a silent atmosphere is a common technique used to help release tension and tune-out the busyness of everyday hustle and bustle. Tinnitus makes it difficult to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. The condition is an imposition and interferes with a variety of normal daily activities. 9. Causes External Ear Middle Ear Inner Ear Central Ear Auditory Pathways 10. Causes Outer Ear Blockage Reverberations and awareness to bodys breathing ImpactedWax Disturbance of the ear drum Debris Loosehair or foreign debris disturbs ear drum 11. Causes Middle Ear Pulsatile Tinnitus May be completely synchronized with heartbeat Plugging canal increases intensity Objective clinician can listen in using stethoscope Vascular Tumor (paraganglioma) Erode bones surrounding inner ear 12. Causes Middle Ear Infections Excess fluid from blockage of Eustachian tube Otosclerosis Abnormal bone growth Muscle Spasms Stapedius muscle Non-pulsating Objective 13. Causes Inner Ear Noise Trauma Medications Ototoxic drugs Mnire's Disease Aging- Presbycusis 14. Cause Central Auditory Pathways Tumors Brainstem or cerebellopontine tumors Benign in nature, but proximity to nerve or blood vessel is the issue Vascular Loop in Brainstem Hearing and balance nerves happen to coil near the nerve Debatable 15. Treatment No Silver Bullet for Tinnitus Many Causes = Many Treatments Surgery Tumors Mixed Results Medications Inner Ear Disease Dietary Restriction Sodium Restriction 16. Treatment Music and Therapy Induce relaxation Muscle relaxation Slowing heart rate Decreased blood pressure Most common and effective of the self-help treatments 17. Treatment Audiologist Tinnitus is commonly associated with sensory or neural hearing loss Your Audiologist is the best resource for Tinnitus diagnosis and treatment. 18. Treatment Audiologist Tests to attempt to measure tinnitus Tinnitus Loudness: level of loudness that matches the tinnitus Pitch Matching: frequency that best matches the pitch of the tinnitus 19. Treatment Sound Treatment Attention and Distraction Only focus on one thing at a time Habituation Bodys ability to tune out signal Masking Oldest treatment Cover the sound 20. Treatment Hearing Instruments Ninety percent of patients with severe tinnitus experience some hearing loss Overall sound is decreased Tinnitus unaffected thus it is overstated Hearing instruments decrease tinnitus 50% express reduction (Surr et al., 1985) Built in maskers Oregon Health Science University 21. Treatment Hearing Instruments Tonotopic map Frequency coding of brain Areas around damaged frequencyturn-up to compensateHearing Instruments can help bring the damaged areas back to normal levels. 22. Tinnitus Tinnitus has many different causes. Due to the high correlation of hearing loss and tinnitus, hearing instruments can help to mitigate the symptom of Tinnitus. 23. First Step! If you experience any signs of Tinnitus, the first step is to schedule a screening with your AudigyCertified Professional!