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1. All About Me.. . . . 2. I live in a simple place and I m with a simple family. My family is just small even though were always happy and have a tight bond. I usually near home having fun with some friends.. . . . 3. Sometimes I m always bored and I m always angry for something so I always want to be alone for a short time. But when I m in the school I prepared to be laughing with my friends.. . . . 4. Before I go to sleep I always make a proverb to help myself. I always read quotes for convenience, some of those makes me remember the past which some is good some memories is bad.. . . . 5. I like songswhich makes me feel so alive makes me happy and some is like saying my experience. I always song a lot when I m alone when in school we are bond with laughing songs.. . . . 6. In my everyday I always wondering I always out of place. When bored I always not in myself so I prepared to be doing things in my house so I ny feelings will be gone. But when I m thinking I always get confused to something. 7. When I m with my friends I feel so glad I feel like where all the same. When we get a little problems we shared and sometimes laugh.. . . . 8. My emotions are sometimes the things that is controlling me. i may say that I m a moody person but have a happy attitude.. . . . 9. Name: Kenneth O. Catalla B-day: July 8, 1993 Favorite words: DeathKnight, Death, Silent but Deadly and Bandit Motto: pag-may tiyaga may nilaga.. . . . 10. Thanks for viewing my presentation.. . . . Hope you won t understand it.. . .