Acai Berry, What's That: The Truth About Acai Berry

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  1. 1. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai Berry Weight Loss MaskIn this presentation I analyzethe past and present ofAcai berry and itsrelationship to weight loss.Is it real or fake, and whatare the dangers of this so-called "superfruit"?
  2. 2. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerrySo, you are having trouble losing weight, or you heard from a friend about some special berries that will assist you on your weight loss journey? After hearing about the berries you began to see commercials and ads (some good, some horrible) about the power of acai berries (not to mention the delicious nature of said juice). The thing is, for all the information (and misinformation) that is out there, fact is something hard to come by.
  3. 3. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerryWell do not fear. First, you might be wondering, what are acai berries? Well, acai berries come from the acai palm tree. This tree is native to South America. A lot of research done on acai berries focuses on antioxidant activity. This activity helps to prevent diseases (such
  4. 4. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai Berry There are several substances within acai. These substances are called anthocyanins and flavonoids. These substances are powerful antioxidants which help to alleviate stress, neutralize free radicals which reduce the risk of certain diseases (ex. Cancer, heart disease, altitude
  5. 5. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerryHow Can All This Help Me?Well, think about this. Certain studies have shown that the pulp of acai fruit has the capacity for high antioxidant content (even more then blackberry, strawberry, and cranberry!). Acai berries are usually eaten to deal with different health conditions.
  6. 6. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerryThis means that there could be a tremendous health benefitfor you. Think about it. Not only is the berry good forlosing weight, but it can also assist you in staying healthy.However, a noted side effect can be found in certainallergies to acai, or berries. If you are allergic to berries Iwould strongly recommend against implementing a dietplan with acai berries.
  7. 7. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerrySo, how do I lose weight?Glad you asked. Acai is one of the few fruits that contains monounsaturated fats (MUFAS for short). MUFAS helps you to feel satisfied (translation: not hungry) when combined with a calorie-controlled diet. In other words, acai berries are a tool to be used in conjunction with a good diet plan.
  8. 8. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerryA word of advice. Be very careful about the products you use. Many have put out false claims about products working miracles with little to no effort on your part. Remember, anything worth having takes work, determination and perseverance. That said, if you use acai berries (or a product that contains them) make sure you use it along with a plan. With a proper plan of action (usually this comes with the program, but can also be researched), you will accomplish your weight loss goal.
  9. 9. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerryIn conclusion, acai berries are a tool (notice the word tool,and not miracle) that can help you to not only lose weightbut live a healthier lifestyle. With all things you needdetermination, will, and effort. Stay focused upon yourgoal, move forward and never give up. Remember, thesuccess of your diet plan rest upon you and your will. Doyou really want to lose weight? Do you want to live ahealthier lifestyle? You have to decide to put forth theeffort to make that dream a reality. I believe and know youcan. You can accomplish anything if you put your mindand will to do it.
  10. 10. Acai Berry, Whats That: The Truth About Acai BerryAcai Berry is a powerful tool that can help you to lose weight quickly and easily. Want to learn a fast andeffective way to utilize this supplement for quick weightloss?Then visit the site below now!