Using digital to transform service delivery. Digital transformation conference, 21 May 2015

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Text of Using digital to transform service delivery. Digital transformation conference, 21 May 2015

  • Transforming service

    deliveryErin Hedger & Alison McCormack

    May 2015

  • Why must we


  • Why transform?

  • Why transform?

  • Charitable services

  • Charitable services

  • Charitable Services


  • Digitally-transformed businesses

    outperform their peers in every

    industryFirms that are more mature on either dimension outperform their competitors in specific and different ways. The Digirati the 25% of firms that are more mature in both dimensions far outperform

    the others. On average, Digirati are 26% more profitable than

    their industry competitors.

    MIT Sloan/Capgemini The Digital Advantage


  • Why transform?


    The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company has decreased by more than 50 years in the last century, from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today.

    Professor Richard Foster, Yale University

  • Q: What is Digital

    What is digital transformation?

  • Definitions of digital transformation



    Business success today requires a customer-focused digital transformation. It starts with prioritising a superior and relevant customer experience, and aligning the

    organisation, processes and technology to power it.Accenture, Digital Transformation

    The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience

    lifecycle.Altimeter 2014 State Of Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation is uniquely challenging, touching every function and business unit while also demanding the rapid development of new skills and investments that are

    very different from business as 7 traits of effective digital enterprises

    Innovation is a game changer. Theres a new sense of urgency. We are in the middle of a digital transformation and businesses need to face it or get disrupted.ZDNet, July 2014

  • Start and end states



    Image source: The End of Competitive Advantage Rita Gunther McGrath

  • Digital Darwinism


    Digital transformation is disruptive whatever the industry. Even Apple, for all its digital

    savvy, is not safe. Its very own iPod was disrupted by the iPhone after the iPod had rendered most music players obsolete. But disruptions never stop, with new

    challengers like Spotify vying for a bigger piece of the music industry pie. Apples solution? Transform again and acquire Beats Electronics to leapfrog the digital

    disruption of its iTunes business model.

    ZDNet Digital Transformation, July 2014

  • Lego, not Airfix


  • The Depression Alliance Story


  • The Depression Alliance Story


  • Making it real Depression Alliance Story


  • Making it real Depression Alliance Story


    Sometimes people only need some organisation and encouragement to enable them to help themselves. It is

    great having this site as people can always check if we are

    still about and know they will always be welcome

    Coffee was really nice, I met up with someone from FiN(first time I've done that) and it was lovely talking in person

    about all that sucks about depression and the NHS, and all

    the things non-depressed people don't get!

  • Making it real Action for Children


  • Making it real Action for Children


  • Making it real Action for Children


  • Making it real Drinkaware


  • Making it real Drinkaware


  • How can you deliver digital

    service transformation?

  • -base

  • How can you deliver digital transformation?


    Manifesto for Agile Software


    Individuals and interactions over

    processes and tools

    Working software over

    comprehensive documentation

    Customer collaboration over

    contract negotiation

    Responding to change over

    following a plan

    That is, while there is value in the

    items on the right, we value the

    items on the left more.

  • Barriers to digital transformation


    Altimeter 2014 State Of Digital Transformation

  • How can you deliver digital transformation?


    Six Best Practices For Digital Transformation

    Develop an incremental digital journey: world class digital companies deliver integrated digital and business

    strategies, digital by evolution companies, must start with a cross-functional digital and build from here.

    Define the rules for digital: world class digital companies do not have separate digital teams. Digital is embedded

    within all teams. Digital by evolution companies, should first build a digital centre of excellence to establish a cross-

    functional support model to nurture and grow digital expertise.

    Increase agility to overcome structural inertia: world class digital companies embed innovation and agile digital

    delivery through physical and collaborative integration between teams, digital by evolution companies should consider

    co-locating key business and IT resources to encourage collaboration and rewarding innovation.

    Dare to fail: world class digital companies have leaders who encourage ideas and accept that risk is part of the route

    to success. Digital by evolution companies must move towards an acceptance of continuous live beta testing and

    accept risk as a part of the iterative route to success.

    Measure what you prioritise, prioritise what you measure: world class digital companies have frequent, dynamic

    project and delivery cycles. They measure customer satisfaction and prioritise projects based on customer experience.

    Digital by evolution companies must increase frequency of planning and begin to incorporate customer value in the

    project prioritisation process.

    Build your business based on digital data insight: world class digital companies have a single view of the

    customer relationship. Digital by evolution companies must build a single customer database, and a holistic data

    management approach to capture, analyse, and leverage customer data across all touchpoints.

    Becoming a World Class Digital Organisation Bearing Point, 2014

  • Conclusion


    Becoming a digital master isnt an overnight process. Digital transformation requires a long-term commitment and, above all, a focus on strong leadership. Companies that

    profit from digital see it as a leadership challenge, not a technology one. They

    understand the opportunities that digital can provide, and strive to make them real. And

    they find that each new action creates new possibilities to digitally transform their

    companies and industries.

    TechCrunch Leading Digital Transformation, Nov 2014

    Digital Masters spend time understanding customer behavior and designing the customer experience from the outside in. A Digital Master figures out what customers

    do and why, where, and how they do it. The company then works out where and how

    the experience can be digitally enhanced across channels.

    George Westerman, Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business


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