Transformed by You Programme

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Discover a programme that brings together students, entrepreneurs & community groups to develop creative solutions to local challenges. We help train students to co-design solutions from uncovering local needs with the community to working with them to develop projects that can be taken forward. We evaluate the insights and impact of the needs & solutions to help public services better understand how to support communities to help each other and use technology.


<ul><li> 1. </li></ul> <p> 2. Overview Bring together different groups to tackle local challenges Prototype ideas and solutions that can be taken forward Evaluate impact of the solutions to help take forward the projects 3. April - September September - October November December January - April Create challenges Set challenges Connect students Support students Work with public services &amp; community groups to set challenges Share challenges with students Help students develop ideas with entrepreneurs &amp; communities Engage partners to sponsor prizes to reward development of ideas Schedule dates Run workshops Run workshops Reward ideas Work with colleges &amp; universities to schedule workshop Run workshops at colleges &amp; universities on developing ideas Run workshops at colleges &amp; universities to prototype/visualise ideas Engage partners to sponsor prizes to reward development of prototypes / designs Develop online engagement Launch online engagement Showcase ideas &amp; prototypes Help take forward prototypes Work with partners to develop engagement Invite people to discuss ideas on online platform Showcase prototypes / designs online Help take forward solutions with different groups involved 4. Students Designers Public servants Local residents Entrepreneurs Local groups Bring together different groups 5. to tackle local challenges Communicating the evidence Describing a day in the life Mapping the user journey Framing the opportunity 6. using creative methods 7. Prototype ideas Providing advice Rewarding collaboration Brainstorming ideas Using new technologies 8. Developing the functionality Simulating the service Validating the usability Designing the interaction to design solutions 9. Marketing the value proposition Developing the project Creating the business model Measuring the impact Evaluate their impact 10. to inform community insights 11. and embed learning 12. to help take forward projects +15 partners +400 participants +150 insights +30 prototypes +100K investment raised Partners Issues Motivations Principles Prototypes Sustainability 13. </p>