Strengthening stakeholders capacity on innovation platform based value chains analysis

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Strengthening stakeholders 'capacity on innovation platform based value chains analysis

Adetonah, S., O. Coulibaly, R. Ahoyo, M. InoussaInternational institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)-Benin

Taking Cowpea Scaling out in West Africa in Ibadan, Nigeria 27-30 August 2015

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgOutlineIntroductionObjectivesMethodologyKey relevant resultsKey challenges

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgIntroduction


Traditional production system (local varieties)

Insects diseases and parasitic plants

Low organization between cowpea value chain actors Low knowledge of market chainInformal system

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgIntroduction


Quality seed Improved cropping practices IPM technologiesImproved storage technologies

A member of CGIAR Innovation Platform?

Innovation platform

Innovation Platform (IP) approach facilitate the rapid dissemination and adoption of best proven technologies of cowpea

IP is an articulated process between different actors for a common interest and equitable/gender sensitive access to resources, markets and value added (income).

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgPlates-formes apportent les diffrents acteurs pertinents afin de faciliter la connaissance et l'change d'informations et les flux dinformation5

Innovation Platform?

IP actors work together, share knowledge and create value (added value) distributed with equity and gender sensitivity

IP are bringing together the different and relevant actors to facilitate knowledge & information exchange

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgPlates-formes apportent les diffrents acteurs pertinents afin de faciliter la connaissance et l'change d'informations et les flux dinformation6

Business ABusiness CBusiness B

Business ABusiness CBusiness B

Business ABusiness BBusiness CFragmented ActionsCooperated ActionsCoordinated Actions

Business ABusiness BBusiness CInnovation Platform(Collaborative and integrated)Information and communication technologies Innovation Platform Structure

A member of CGIAR


Distributed Benefits

ResourcesAdded value

Governance (Quality control, low transaction costs)

Financial support servicesInfrastructureResearchExtensionInter ( national) policies and regulations

Empowerment of stakeholders

Input supplyProductionProcessing International consumptionMarketing and trade


Effectiveness:Quality (Consumer demand)Targets (yield, benficiaries)Markets access

Efficiency: ProfitabilityLow per unit transport costImpact:Food securityIncomesGender / EquityAdded value distributionSustainabilityPartnerships PPPNat. Res.Conserv.BiodiversityChain stakeholdersValue chain performance Other chain stakeholdersQuestions de Gender dans la chane de valeur VALUE CHAIN

A member of CGIAR



Inventory the functional platforms in locality selected in each country of the project

Identify constraints and opportunities of actors in innovation platforms in cowpea value chains

Assess the needs of actors in terms of capacity of actors and sustainability of the innovation platforms within Vc

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgMethodologyLocation

Ghana= Tamale (Northern, Upper East and West region)Mali = Koutiala (Sikasso), MoptiSenegal = Thies, Louga FatickNigeria = Kano Katsina Sokoto

Selection criteria: Existence of FtF projectsMajor cowpea growing areasMarket access opportunities


A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgMethodologyProjects in sites: Project "Feed The Future," WASP project, DONATA/ CORAF, Africa Rising in West Africa , WAAPP project, AGRA project and SARD-SC were exploredFocus group has been used to collect the information

Analytical toolsChecklist was developed to understand the structure, functionality and performance of IPs/FO existing in the project action areas

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgKey resultsIdentification of IPs in porject sites in each country

CountriesExisting IPMali3 (Koutiala, Nafaga and Kolonigue)

Senegal1 (national level)Ghana2 (district level)Nigeria3 (Kano, Katsina Sokoto at each regional level) and 1( Gaya community level)

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgMALI

VariablesInformationName of IPSigida Blomba (2014)CropSorghum, Maize, Millet, Cowpea and , livestock productsValue ChainsCowpea seed and fodder Entry point Nutrition, commercialisation Actors groupsTechnical services, farmers organisations and Union, civil society, socio Professional Organization, private sector , media and NGO


Gouvernance and PerformanceExistence of regulations Secretariat provided by a national NGOExistence of contractsQuaterly meeting

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgKey resultsSENEGAL

VariablesInformationName of IPNational interprofessional group (CNIFN) 2011CropCowpeaValue ChainsCowpea flour and local food (couscous, coffee, semolina, )Entry points ProcessingActors groups30 farmers organisations, processors, traders, transporters, input suppliers, seed producers and pastoralists

PartnersPAFA, UIMCEC (crdit), GIP, SAFIR, ANCAR, DRDR, ITA, Veterinary Services

Gouvernance and PerformanceStatuts et Rglement intrieur, National Office (Committee of facilitation, diffusion of information, MonitoringContracting meeting and resource mobilisation)

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgKey resultsGHANA

VariablesInformationName of IPFarmer Group of Northern Region in Tamale (farmers and different actors)CropCowpea and Maize Value ChainsCowpea Entry points Research (improved varits and seed quality) Actors groupsProducers, Extension agents, researchers, Health, Education, Agro-input suppliers, seed companies, processors, traders, Local Government and herdersPartners involvedAfrica Rising, IFPRI IITA , MoFA, SARI, GAIDA

Gouvernance and PerformanceFacilitation CommitteeMonthly meetingsPre-financing and transaction of products between actors

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgNIGERIA VariablesInformationName of IP_CropWAAPP project: Maize, Rice, Sorghum and FishAGRA project: Cowpea, Soybeans, Groundnut and MaizeValue ChainsCowpeaEntry points Research and commercialization of productsActors groupsProducers, Processors, Middle men, Marketers, Breeders, Inputs dealers, Researchers, local government , Media, Financial Institute Partners ADP, IITA, IAR, MAINA seeds, Bank of Agriculture, Kanu radio, RAMA radio, Freedom radio, REMA radio, Katsina Radio, FM radio, Vision radio, Ray Power Radio, Kanu TV and NTA, SASAKAWA and ICRISAT

Gouvernance and PerformanceSupporting main activitiesVerbal agreement between actors

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgMain Constraints

Poor funding of activities Weak knowledge of IPLack of capacities, knowledge and equal understanding of the approachNeeds of innovations

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgOpportunities High demand of the productWillingness to collaborateAvailability to media to share informationfavorable institutionnal environnement to the development and dissemination of innovations

A member of CGIAR consortiumwww.iita.orgKey challenges Establishing a clear and understand of the principles of IPReciprocal learning and knowledge exchangeStrengthening capacities to facilitate interaction processesSustainability of Ips

To guarantee collective ownership and the active participation of the different stakeholder of IP

A member of CGIAR

Thank for your attention

A member of CGIAR


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