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Resource-sharing Central Search | LocalGov Digital Hack Presentation | June 2014

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Presentation about a central knowledge and resource-sharing system at the Local Discovery Day on 13 June 2014 hosted by the Department for Communities and Local Government in partnership with GDS. These presentation notes are from both the @LocalGovDigital #Hack group and the @LocalGovCamp group working on better sharing knowledge and assets relating to public service transformation

Text of Resource-sharing Central Search | LocalGov Digital Hack Presentation | June 2014

  • RESOURCE-SHARING CENTRAL SEARCH 20th June 2014 These notes are from both the @LocalGovDigital #Hack group and the @LocalGovCamp group working on better sharing knowledge and assets relating to public service transformation
  • Im a public sector change-maker at the beginning of a project. I dont know where to start, who to emulate or what best practice looks like. I want to find answers quickly. THE NEED
  • Service managers Change managers CIOs Business analysts Members and CEOs (or anyone interested in positioning organisation for future) Developers - public sector, open data hackers, private sector WHOS NEED?
  • Service Design & Delivery Standards Case studies Change Manager Checklists Business cases Surveys Service Standards that others are using/ Guides Data Formatting and Sharing Standards (Schema) CSV files. Web interface for creating a schema file based on simple config with built-in validation. APIs, code & examples of use Suggested Platforms/ Repositories Peers/ people Other Organisations Profiles STUFF NEEDED
  • 1. Tells me whos doing what 2. Tells me how good is this resource 3. Tells me where resource from 4. Allows private/ authenticated discussion (on products or standards) free from suppliers? 5. Updates me on changes and additions relative to me FEATURES NEEDED
  • 1. Create an accessible, definitive source of standards and best practice in public service delivery. 1. Enable anyone about to embark upon a service design project to find the guidance and community they need - REEEAAAAALLLLY EASILY 1. Keep all community members updated on the standards, changes and updates relevant to them with minimal effort on their part, no unnecessary info and maximum ability to tailor the updates received 1. Collate the public service delivery info for all organisations, so you can search by organisation, service type, geography, etc 2. Long term vision: include policies, projects and schemes that organisations do in communities. Enable CSR and 3rd sector entries to be added to database. HOW WE MEET NEED
  • 3 Starting Points: Option 1: Organised by service type or infrastructure type Checklist on home page. Links out to related standards, case studies and other resources (business cases, api) - closest ESD service directory? Option 2: Organised by geography (e.g. DCLG locator) Option 3: Organised by person or organisation ARCHITECTURE
  • 1. Organised by service type or infrastructure type 2. Checklist on home page for service owner/ designer 3. Links out to related standards, case studies and other resources (business cases, api, statutory/ definitive standards, standards being used by particular organisations, guides, etc) 4. Register your interest in topic for updates and ability to rate documents and raise issues about standards 5. Iterations produced whenever necessary by the standards maintainer. (In the case of data-sharing, perhaps theres a LEGSB chair and board? 6. Community of practice can grow around this through a forum, which discusses issues with the standards. 3rd party authentication/ forum login OPTION 1
  • OPTION 2
  • Considerations: Who owns the platform? Who rates/ curates the content? How can it automatically find related content hosted elsewhere (we need standards for publishing case studies and other assets that sweep recognises) Potential later additions: featured service reforms or standards (e.g. the big wins in terms of savings). I may not know what I want, but I know that if I go here, Ill get inspiration. MORE WORK NEEDED!
  • Too many interpretations of standards Got to start somewhere discussions for getting closer to a gold standard Dont yet have a well-structured way to get standards/ code, etc uploaded So much happening, so many case studies, ideas, etc. Need a better way of flagging these. E.g. great customer service strategies that others are using. Local govt doesnt make mistakes :D Need to feel like youre in trusted environment to upload valuable resources/ case studies. (Can we anonymise failure studies?) Need case studies that have conditions for success for those case studies, so that we can have positive spin on case studies, but warn peers of potential downfalls Not enough incentives for local gov to share their experience (perhaps there are IP issues around sharing) Change culture to praise recycling of ideas @LocalGovCamp DISCUSSION
  • Trusting environment most important. Key question: whos managing the community. Needs to feel safe. QI (Quality improvement) iterative report that keeps track of quality Need community managers/ content curation but who and how many? Need super connector people/ brokers. Process like jury service for service quality control (problem of time and resource. Can we make a business case for this?). Secondment to a central curation team would help join people up. Even when you want to share with closed community what youre planning on doing, management structures dont allow you to reach out and tell peers what youre planning or put out feelers for it. Need to argue to change this culture. Need R&D culture of working aloud. Both management and practitioners need to change. @LocalGovCamp DISCUSSION
  • Every organisation having a broker/ ambassador to the central group Want to aggregate info from different platforms Why didnt EDS toolkit work? Because no one uses the same standard Need case study metadata standard for all organisations. Could we put up an award for case studies that are structured like this? Better way of doing things than case studies (boring)? Video better than text? @LocalGovCamp DISCUSSION