Open Data, Civic Tech and Hacking for Good

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Open Data, Civic Tech and Hacking for GoodWe are all neighbours. Around the world, people are using Civic Technology and Open Data to improve each others lives. This interactive workshop will include discussions about transparency, privacy, participatory budgeting, datasets, good government, international aid, open data in business and [add your open x topic]. Help create a time capsule of what MESHies want and need to know about Civic Tech and Open Data. Bring your brain cells and creativity. Join Heather Leson (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) and Gabe Sawhney (Bridgeable) in a hands-on workshop. About Heather - @heatherleson About Gabe - @gggg Presented at Mesh Conference May 27, 2014


  • Open Data, Civic Tech and Hacking for Good Mesh Conference 2014 Gabe Sawhney and Heather Leson May 27, 2014
  • 111 Events around the world 1000s of participants Asia, Africa, North and South America!
  • Which of the examples did you like? What about the examples stood out for you? Are there other open data, civic tech or hacking for good projects that you know and like? Which of these projects touch you: in your life, or your work? Meet and Greet Discussions
  • 5 topical discussions Open data opportunities Working with nonprofits to use tech for good Global perspective: international tech-for-good initiatives Starting a civic tech hub in Toronto Elections 2014: the role of the tech community ++
  • Heather Leson @heatherleson @schoolofdata Gabe Sawhney @gggg Thank you