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Danny SmithManatee County Public Works Field Maintenance Division Manager

Manatee County Has743 Square Miles360,000 Residents1361 Paved Centerline Miles80 Miles of Shell Road655 Miles of Roadside Ditch122 Miles of Stormwater Pipe88 DOT Bridges, 100+ Non Bridges

And adding more daily

Manatee County Public WorksField OperationsField Maintenance DivisionFleet Services DivisionFuel/Inventory DivisionTransitEngineering ServicesHighway, Construction, Infrastructure, Utility EngineeringProject Management, Project InspectionTraffic ManagementTraffic OperationsTransportation PlanningTraffic Design

Manatee County Field Maintenance Division107 Full Time Employees (84 PWMTs)Road Maintenance SectionRoad Surface, sidewalk, and ROW Maintenance50 employeesDrainage Maintenance SectionAll Stormwater Drainage MaintenanceCanals, Ditches, Pipes34 employees

Why a Career Ladder?Manatee County Public Works utilizes the Career Ladder as an effective tool for:Planning, Budgeting and Documenting Employee TrainingIncreasing the retention rate of quality employeesBuilding Safety and Accountability into Job DutiesMaximizing Resources

We Have Always Done it This WayIn the Good Old DaysHad 7 positions, we now have 1, with 4 steps, we have a single all encompassing position description Training was hit or miss, creating problems including subjective attendance selection and budgeting WAGsStruggled with longevity, good staff left, those that stayed were promoted, little incentive to consider a career Dealt with, Not my Job, Im an equipment Operator not a laborer, I havent been trained

New Hire PlacementAll new employees start as a Public Works Maintenance Tech TraineeTech I training + 1 year = Tech 1Tech II training + 2 years = Tech IITech III training + 3 years = Tech IIITech III training + 5 year = Senior TechPrevious experience does count!

Besides the Title.Training is provided at no cost to the employeeEach step provides a 5% pay increase Each progressive step comes with more responsibility, expectation, and accountability

Maintenance & TrackingSupervisors are the primary owners. They:Maintain a training file for each employee they supervise. The file tracksTraining CompletionNeedsRenewal / Refresher Dates (CDL,IMOT) Conduct quarterly reviews with each employeeAre accountable for providing opportunity and awareness

How Does it Work?Four levels with progressively more technical training which consists of:Class Room Based InstructionVideo Instruction (T2)Instructor led: IMOT, Confined SpaceNo Certificate, No Credit Demonstration of ProficiencyTask and Equipment Operation OrientedHands OnTraining Time Provided and RequiredComplete Demonstration of Proficiency as DescribedIndependent Supervisor Validation RequiredIndependent Study Senior Tech

Training ProvidersFlorida Transportation Technology Transfer (T) CenterUniversity of Florida Mobile Video Training (MVT)Suncoast Public Works AcademyPinellas Technical CollegeManatee County, County Attorneys Office*Public Works Safety Officer (Internal)

Maintenance Technician LevelsSkill Set LevelISkill Set LevelIISkill Set LevelIIISkill Set LevelSenior

Skill Set Level I

Safety, Safety, Safety for them and our equipment. Learn how to perform the basicsRural Road Operations


Urban Streets

Intersection WorkLow Speed StreetsPedestrian Safety

Skill Set Level IEquipment/Tool Concepts & SafetyChainsaw Safety

Commercial Driver License (B) we provide training and internal testingand we pay for it

Dump Truck Operation & Maintenance

Skill Set Level IDemonstration of ProficiencyCommon ToolsGeneratorJack HammerCutoff SawTrash/Mudhog PumpsCement Mixer

Soil Compaction

Flatbed / Dump Truck Safe Operation

Skill Set Level IDemonstration of ProficiencyChainsaw Operation

Determining and Donning PPE correctly

Locating Marked Utilities

Site Cleanup

Skill Set Level IIRequired TrainingThe Training Focuses On:Asphalt Pavement Repair

Asphalt Paving

Equipment Operation and Safety

Skill Set Level IIClassroom TrainingAsphalt Surface TreatmentsAsphalt Paving and Compaction Equipment OperationSoil Stabilization in Clay SoilsPortland Cement Concrete FlatworkForklift Operation Safety


Skill Set Level IIEquipment/Tool Concepts and SafetyBackhoe/Loader Safety

Track Excavator Safety

Confined Space Certification

Front End Loader SafetySkid Steer Loader Safety

Skill Set Level IIDemonstration of ProficiencyFront End Loader-General

Levels and Lasers - Establish Grade

Brush Chipper

Confined Space Equipment

Skill Set Level IIDemonstration of ProficiencySod Placement/Staking

Silt Fence Installation

Requesting Utility Locates

Building Concrete Forms for Flat WorkInstalling Rip Rap

Skill Set Level IIITraining Skilled Labor:Structure and Asset Repair

Drainage Operations/Erosion Control

Equipment Operation and Safety

Skill Set Level IIIClassroom TrainingRight of Way Mowing SafetyShoulder and Roadside Ditch MaintenanceGuardrail InstallationFDOT MOT Intermediate Level Training and Certification (IMOT)Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete InspectionStormwater Pipe Installation

Skill Set Level IIIDemonstration of Proficiency Jet Vac-Flusher Trucks or

Street Sweepers or

Flexwing Mower or

Boom Mower

Skill Set Level IIIDemonstration of ProficiencyInstallation of Catch BasinsForm/Pour/Finish Mitered HeadwallsForm/Pour/Finish Driveway Aprons and Sidewalk Sections

Skill Set Level IIIDemonstration of ProficiencyInstallation of Guardrail

Placement and Removal of Stormwater Pipe

Backhoe (Rubber Tire) OR

Walking Excavator MENZI MUCK

Skill Set Level SeniorClassroom TrainingLearning to be the Lead:Soils: Erosion and Stabilization

Legal ConcernsAdministrative ResponsibilitiesProject / Event Management

Skill Set Level SeniorRequired TrainingFEMA IS-100



HAZMAT Endorsement **

Trenching and Shoring

Skill Set Level SeniorRequired TrainingFDEP Stormwater Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector Certification

Graded Road Maintenance, 80+ miles of shell roads !

Tort Liability Field Responsibility

Skill Set Level SeniorDemonstration of Proficiency Rubber Tire Excavator (Gradall) OR

Track Excavator

Forming/Pouring/Finishing Miami & F Curbing or Structures

Assessment of Drainage Problems

Skill Set Level SeniorDemonstration of ProficiencyDrainage Box Repair & Maintenance

Grading Ditches and Canals

Set-Up and Breakdown of MOTCave-In Diagnosis and Repair

Skill Set Level SeniorDemonstration of ProficiencyCapstone Project - Administrative and Computer ApplicationIncident and Accident Reporting Following County Procedure

Using Historical and Geographic Information to plan work, verify ownership. Locate, Interpret, and Use (Maps & Plats)

Maintenance Project Estimating Incorporate MOT, Drainage Assessment and other proficiencies into project. Comprehensive

How do we benefit?Ease of Planning and Budgeting, we know what is needed and have a planLarge Classes, Training comes to usParticipation in all training is mandatory, employees are trained and capableThe Division only has Maintenance Techs, elimination of specialized positions, i.e. Equipment OperatorsSuccession Plan that HR does not realize is a Succession PlanRelatively low cost program, excluding pay increases, < $2000/employee over a 5 year period.

How does Staff BenefitLight at the end of Tunnel for field staff, no longer a dead end job

5% step increase for each level completed. This is not budget constrained and not tied to any Market Adjustment or Performance Based Increase. Employee has the opportunity for a 20% pay increase in 5 years.

Relevant and Valuable Training at no cost to them

Opportunity to Showcase themselves and their skills

Whats Next?Evaluate ProgramIs offered training still relevant and applicable? HAZMAT Endorsement or OSHA 10 Hour?

Does the order of training need to change, IMOT at Trainee Level? Loader Training and Proficiency to Tech I?

Can we do it at a lower cost?

Questions & Contact InformationDanny SmithDanny.smith@mymanatee.org941-708-7494