Filipino Elderly Wellbeing Project - Revival and Renewal Meeting

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>FILIPINO ELDERLY WELLBEING PROJECT</p> <p>Revival and Renewal MeetingJanuary 19, 2016 | Filipino Centre Toronto</p> <p>FRANK1</p> <p>Welcome &amp; IntroductionsWhy are we all here?</p> <p>Brief hello and greetings from FrankBrief thank you to FCT for hosting space</p> <p>2</p> <p>AgendaSeniors in Canada: National and Provincial ThemesFEW Research Project SummaryToronto Seniors Strategy</p> <p>Discussion (small and whole group)Filipino CommunityWhat do we have? What do we lack?What do we want for our seniors?What do we want to achieve?</p> <p>FRANK</p> <p>3</p> <p>The Aging Population in Canada: National ThemesINCOMEHOUSING TRANSPORTATIONHEALTHAWARENESS AND DELIVERY OF SERVICES AND BENEFITS</p> <p>Frank (use original powerpoint slides for notes)</p> <p>4</p> <p>Provincial Programs (Ontario Action Plan for Seniors)Improved Access to Community CareOntario Drug Benefit ProgramAging at Home StrategyLong-term Care TransformationElder Abuse StrategyEnding Mandatory Retirement</p> <p>What is the FEW Project?</p> <p>Research collaboration between University of Toronto &amp; Filipino Centre Toronto (2011-2013) 250 participants of Filipino ancestry, at least 65 years of age, Canadian citizens or permanent residents and living in the Greater Toronto Area250 completed survey questionnaire &amp; 20 randomly selected individual interviewsVideo</p> <p>FRITZ6</p> <p>FEW Project Report KEY FINDINGSApproximately 7 out of 10 Filipino elderlies in the GTA live in povertyEconomic vulnerability more pronounced for those who migrated to Canada post 1990s &amp; for female elderliesPrimary reliance on government support for economic securityMajority live with family members and/or relatives</p> <p>FRITZ7</p> <p>FEW Project Report KEY FINDINGSLargest expenses: Housing, FoodMany seniors rely on free or low-cost health and medical services, provided by Filipino, religious and other community based organizationsLarge segment have additional quality of life concerns, including food, sufficiency, personal outside assistance, and emotional wellbeing</p> <p>FRITZ8</p> <p>FEW Project Report RECOMMENDATIONSEstablish a Task Force on Filipino Elderlies that is community-led and multi-sectoral to take charge of overall policy direction, advocacy and program development for culturally appropriate services.Build and enhance organizational capacity for political advocacy, grant writing and service delivery of Filipino community and seniors groupsTap shared interests and resources of other ethno-racial organizations for potential collaborations and joint partner-ships in relation to elderly populations.</p> <p>FRITZ9</p> <p>FEW Project Report RECOMMENDATIONSPoliticians with sizeable Filipino constituents need to take consistent leadership and coalition-building roles to advocate for the best interest of Filipino elderlies.Full support of government policies that will promote the positive quality of life for all elderlies. (CPP, OAS)Maintain and reinforce government policies committed to eradicating labour exploitation (women, immigrant andracialized minority workers). Redress ongoing deskilling and deprofessionalization of Filipinos and immigrants ofcolour.</p> <p>FRITZ10</p> <p>FEW Project Report RECOMMENDATIONSProvide more subsidized housing and create Office ofHousing Ombudsperson that will address complaints andgrievances of long-term and low-income elderly residents.Better communication and dissemination of various elderlyservices and programs. Develop a partnership with Community Care Access Centres and other multi-service and healthcare providers. Create a directory of relevant agencies and servicesHiring and retention of more Filipino medical, social service, and mental health providers in government and community based organizations need to be a priority.</p> <p>FRITZ</p> <p>11</p> <p>FEW Project Report RECOMMENDATIONS10. Filipino and other businesses to develop a discount program for elderlies. Win-win situation will enable elderlies to purchase familiar and necessary items from ethnic business, and will help entrepreneurs entice new buyers.</p> <p>FRITZ12</p> <p>FEW Project Report Report DisseminationMeetings with City Councillors (2013-2015)</p> <p>FRITZ13</p> <p>Moving the FEW Project Forward</p> <p>Toronto Seniors Strategy: 2012 to NOWKey PrioritiesHOUSING &amp; ACCOMMODATION and LONG TERM CAREFINANCIAL RESOURCES AND SERVICE ACCESSHEALTH, ENVIRONMENT &amp; CULTURALLY SENSITIVE SERVICESSAFETY, SECURITY AND LEGAL PROTECTIONSENIOR PARTICIPATION &amp; LEADERSHIP/ADVOCACY</p> <p>15</p> <p>Toronto Seniors ForumThe Toronto Seniors' Forum was established to "give a voice to seniors not often heard. Their dedicated members work to ensure the City of Toronto meets its commitment to provide services equitably to all senior residents.The Forum, supported by City staff, is comprised of up to 30 volunteers, who are at least 60 years of age and are residents of Toronto. They function as a conduit for communication between the City and its senior residents and reflect the diverse geographic and social/economic aspects of seniors in Toronto.</p> <p>KEY PRIORITIES: Toronto Seniors ForumHOUSING &amp; ACCOMMODATION and LONG TERM CAREIncrease affordable housing &amp; reduce waiting times; available stock of barrier-free housing; long-term care homes; culturally-sensitive care serviceFINANCIAL RESOURCES &amp; SERVICE ACCESSProvide fund translation services; lower cost of TTC seniors pass; availability of transportation for non-medical appointments; no fee recreation programs; reduced fees for seniors groups providing programming in recreation centres</p> <p>KEY PRIORITIES: Toronto Seniors ForumHEALTH, ENVIRONMENT &amp; CULTURALLY SENSITIVE SERVICESProvide full-range dental care for low-income seniors; review &amp; raise current financial cut-offs for access to subsidized dental careSAFETY, SECURITY &amp; LEGAL PROTECTIONIncrease Toronto Police Service for anti-fraud education programs; community programs for seniors watch; oversized street signs</p> <p>KEY PRIORITIES: Toronto Seniors ForumSENIORS PARTICIPATION &amp; LEADERSHIP/ADVOCACYIncrease opportunities to take part &amp; advocate (Seniors Forum); leadership/advocacy training</p> <p>WHERE IS THE GAP?</p> <p>City of Toronto Community ServicesELDERLY PERSONS/HEALTHIER LIVING/ACTIVE LIVING CENTRECLIENT INTERVENTION &amp; ASSISTANCESOCIAL RECREATION &amp; WELLNESS EDUCATIONCOMMUNITY/CONGREGATE/COMMUNAL/GROUP DINING</p> <p>Frank20</p> <p>City of Toronto Community ServicesMEALS ON WHEELS/COMMUNITY KITCHENS/FOOD BANKSHOME MAINTENANCE, SNOW SHOVELLING &amp; LAWN CARETRANSPORTATION/ACCESSIBLE PARKING/WHEEL-TRANS/ TTCCOMMUNITY CENTRES/EMPLOYMENT CENTRES/VOLUNTEERINGLIBRARIES/MUSEUMS</p> <p>FEW Project 2016 - 2021WHAT DO WE WANT FOR OUR SENIORS?WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE IN 2016?</p> <p>Seniors Community Grant ProgramApplications due March 4, 2016Grants from $500 - $8,000</p> <p>Seniors Community Grant ProgramProjects must fulfill at least one of the following priorities:Lead to opportunities for seniors to network and become better integrated into the social fabric of their communities.Encourage and support activities, events and programs that promote learning and the sharing of information as it relates to seniors issues.Support activities, events and programs that embrace seniors as volunteers.Develop plans and programs that can be shared across communities.Develop plans and programs that allow organizations to sustain seniors programs over a longer period of time.</p> <p>Sample ProjectsConnect, Meditate, Laugh, Learn: Seniors Path to Holistic Health and WellnessA means to offer low-income, isolated and hard-to-serve seniors access to fitness and wellness activities, information seminars about their health, technology and social media training, volunteer opportunities, music lessons and group singing.</p> <p>Filipino Canadian Community HouseToronto</p> <p>$8, 000</p> <p>Sample Projects"Let's Get Active!" Senior's Health ClubTo provide four seminars (Hiking, Diets, Exercise and Health Minds) and four events (Hiking, Karaoke, Dance Class and Table Tennis) to recent immigrants and senior women.</p> <p>Korean Canadian Cultural Association of Metropolitan TorontoNorth York</p> <p>$7,400Inter-generational Conversational OjibweOpportunities for Aboriginal seniors, children and their parents to attend community-based conversational Ojibwe language programming.</p> <p>Mishko Bimaadziwin Family Support ServicesThunder Bay$8,000</p> <p>Sample ProjectsFit and Fun! Active 55+ Swing Dance Lessons and Social DanceProfessional swing dance teachers will instruct seniors, including those with ambulatory disabilities. A celebratory gala dance showcase will be performed at the end of the project.</p> <p>Miles Nadal Jewish Community CentreToronto</p> <p>$7,890Expanding Biodiversity Knowledge of Fish, Birds and Medicinal PlantsSeniors will participate in educational outings to increase their existing knowledge of nature.</p> <p>New Credit Cultural CommitteeHagersville</p> <p>$3,000</p> <p>Sample ProjectsSeniors Engagement &amp; Empowerment ProjectComputer classes to enable seniors to learn how to access the internet and the development of a resource booklet.</p> <p>Parkdale Community Information CentreToronto</p> <p>$8,000Card PlayingTo bring together Chinese, Pakistan, Indian &amp; Ethiopian communities through playing cards - to socialize, become volunteers and become involved in community activities.</p> <p>Ontario Family Life Services CentreToronto</p> <p>$3,000</p> <p>FEW Project 2016 - 2021WHAT DO WE WANT FOR OUR SENIORS?WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE IN 2016?</p> <p>HOW DO WE WANT TO BE INVOLVED?WHAT DO WE WANT TO DO?</p> <p>Next StepsToronto Seniors Forum Filipino representationMarch 19 Age Friendly Toronto Forum - Filipino representationSeniors Community GrantsGrant writing supportFacilities/LocationsVolunteersWorking with city staff and city councillors</p>