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Facebook for Admins

Engage on the PageHow-to for ESCC Facebook Admins

Savvy Skills

Post Status UpdatesHighlight, Pin to TopUpload Photos, Create AlbumsCreate EventsCheck StatsSend Messages

Go to ESCC Page from Your Profile Page

Logging onPlease post as ESCC, not as yourself.Like and comment on ESCC status updates as yourself; Like and Comment on status updates on other Sister City Pages (Hekinan, Seattle-Kobe, etc.) as ESCC, or as yourself.

and off!

Remember to go back to using Facebook as you!

Youre a Facebook Page Manager!What Can You Do?

ESCC Facebook Page QR CodeESCC Facebook Page got enough Likes to shorten the URL !


People who use the old one can still get there, though!

And we now have a QR Code!

URL + Thumbnail = Annoying!

I love the Firehouse Theater and go there often, but it is annoying to see Redundant Links: LONG URL with thumbnail just below.

Posting a Link to a Web PageCopy the original Page URLPaste the URL in the box on ESCC PageWhen the image of the Page appears, delete the URL to avoid Redundant LinksWrite your explanation/commentsHit PostExamples of all this in next 5 slides!

Paste the URL into the box

Paste the URL into the box and you will see the thumbnail of the Page appear below.

Highlight URL

Once you see the thumbnail of the Page you are linking to, highlight the URL in the dialog box.


Hit the DELETE key on your keyboard to delete the URL so you only see Whats on your mind? in the Status Update box.

Now, type your comments

Now, you can type an explanation of the Page or your comments, and Post it.

You can highlight a post, pin it to the top, delete itYou can highlight a post = stretch it to fit the whole width of the screenWant a post to stay at the top for a few days no matter how many new posts there are? You can PIN it to the top and Unpin it at any time. It will stay pinned for 1 week.And you can delete a post at any time.Examples follow. . . .

Choose Highlight

Highlight makes the post stretch across the Page!

Edit: Pin to Top, Delete

Pinned to Top!

Posting a Photo/Album

Title the Album/Add Photos

Create an Event

Schedule a Post for the FutureYou can prepare a post and schedule it to appear later by adding a date and time in the future before you post it. You can schedule a post up to 6 months in advance in 10-minute intervals.From your Page's sharing tool:Choose the type of post you want to add to your PageChoose the placeClick the icon in the lower-left of the sharing toolChoose the future year, month, day, hour and minute when you'd like your post to appearClick Schedule (see the screen shot in next slide!)

How to Schedule a Post for Later

Check Stats

You can see the Stats Overview on the top page, and click InsightsSee All for detailed stats.

Who is Talking About Us?

We need more engagement, dont we!

Answer Messages

Messages List Here on RightOn left

Connect with Other Pagesas yourself

Like our Sister City!

Connect with Other Pagesas yourself

You can also Like our neighbor SSA in Seattle and the great Hekinan Volunteers (like our Friends of Edmonds Sister City)

You Can Always Get Help!

Top Right of Main Page

Thanks for Taking the TimeSee you on ESCC Facebook Page!