Effective information sharing - workshop session CILIP Cymru Wales Annual Conference 2014

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Considers how Welsh Government Library & Archive Services works to capture and make accessible for the longer term, information published by the Welsh Government. Promotes the Welsh Government Publications Catalogue including full text access to contemporary documents and an increasing range of historical documents from the Welsh Government and predecessor bodies - Welsh Assembly Government and Welsh Office. Further considers how the role of the Publications Catalogue is branching out to include content published as Freedom of Information Request answers, and Ministerial Decision Reports.

Text of Effective information sharing - workshop session CILIP Cymru Wales Annual Conference 2014

  • 1. Making a difference. Effective information sharing within and outside of your community Stephen Gregory Business & Legal Team Leader Welsh Government Library & Archive Services Stephen.Gregory2@wales.gsi.gov.uk 16th May 2014 CILIP Cymru Wales Annual Conference Making a difference: libraries and their communities

2. Outline Consider WG as an information provider Consider our communities Case study Identification of issues and suggestions for good practice To urge reflection on our roles 3. WG as a Publisher Publish >770 p.a. (books, reports, guidance) (In 2013: Penguin published ca 1500 items; OUP 4200 items) Cymru.gov.uk = 90,000 pages with sub- sites e.g. http://business.wales.gov.uk/ ; www.planninginspectorate.wales.gov.uk Numerous others - possibly 300? e.g. www.sell2wales.gov.uk, www.visitwales.com, www.wales.com. Social media channels 4. 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2nd Assembly 2003-2006. 3rd Assembly 2007-2011. 4th Assembly 2012- Number of items added to the Pubs Archive Average 770 p.a. 5. Communities Internal ca. 5000 civil servants across Wales External Stakeholders WG Sponsored Bodies, representative organisations, third sector, etc. Member of the public / other Welsh bodies Other government departments International Notion of community? 6. WG - Effective information sharing? Q. What do you think? 7. Effective Information Sharing? Web site Poor search engine Unfathomable structure User perspective taken account of? Inconsistent content policy Archiving policy Social media Publications? 8. Q. Aware of WG Pubs Catalogue? Q. Used the catalogue? 9. WG Publications Catalogue http://wales.gov.uk/about/foi/publications- catalogue/ Now hidden under: About Us > FOI. Up to June 2013 average 5200 page views per month. July 2013 - average 330 page views / month 10. Pubs Catalogue 2 Manually trap and catalogue WG publications Publications request option FPCC ca. 2000 p.a. Including increasing number of full text file attachments, details of original web links, and supporting text. Our Digital Archive? 11. Archive of WG Publications Hard Copy Archive ca. 25K items Paper still our gold standard for archiving Reasonable storage conditions Digital Archive Archive size ? Very mixed formats: .doc; .xls, .pdf, .pdfA. Some text readable, many not. Currently no means of ensuring digital continuity Cloud storage with backup 12. Does Web Archiving Achieve this for you? Q. Whats your experience? 13. Why do we do this? The Web Archives do not suffice: Not all layers captured = missing content Not readily searchable. Dependent on navigating Multiple web sites? Restricted scraping dates TNA 1997 - http://collections.europarc hive.org/tna/*/http://wales. gov.uk NLW 2006 http://www.webarchive.or g.uk/ukwa/target/122171/ source/subject Wayback Machine 1997 - http://web.archive.org/we b/*/www.wales.gov.uk/ 14. Case Study Cabinet Statements & FOI Responses 1. Comms extract from DBs 2. Library check data quality 3. Souton Map, upload 4. Library quality check 1st cycle pilot 2nd cycle 2001 - 2013 15. Case Study -the reality Cabinet Statements & FOI Responses 1. Comms extract from DBs 2. Library check data quality 3. Soutron Map, upload 4. Library quality check Pilot complete 16. Effective information sharing: barriers and enablers Q. What do you think? 17. Effective information sharing Barriers Ownership Cultural Work in silos No shared vision? Technical Format, content, protocols Time / Priorities Ignorance not aware of bigger picture Communication Piggy in the middle? Enablers Genuine desire to share data Cultural Understand and respect difference. Technical using right person for each role Appropriate technology Programmed / prioritised. Shared understanding / expectations Open / honest communication 18. Why archive? To maintain our history EfficiencyLegal Internal / External Use. Fully searchable Not reinventing the wheel Aiding the public Aid democracy / openness FOI Publications Scheme PSI Re-use - changes July 2015 19. Recap Welsh Government as an information provider / sharer (& their effectiveness) Identified how WG Library & Archive Services are improving effectiveness and our learning along the way Considered barriers & enablers to effective information sharing 20. Food for thought? Do I have a similar archiving role within my organisation? Could I find historical information about my organisation with ease + successfully? What information might be going astray? Are the boundaries between sub- professions blurring? Can I respond to this? 21. Questions or Comments? Stephen Gregory Stephen.Gregory2@wales.gsi.gov.uk @StepGreg