Do You Hear What I Hear?

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  • 1. Cheryl Bledsoe, @CherylBle DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR?

2. WHO AM I? Emergency Manager Wife, Mother to 2 Young Kids Community & Church Volunteer Half-Marathoner Political Candidate 3. SOCIAL BY NECESSITY Balancing Many Roles, Evaluate Situations Quickly, Perceptions Influenced by Peers & Family More Inputs Today than 5 years ago 4. TODAYS OBJECTIVES Why You Should Care About Social Media What You Can Learn If You Listen Proactive Leadership 5. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANGES COMMUNICATION Provides the ability for information to be shared rapidly Increases the amount of visual data that is available from people on the scene Offers Agencies access to a haystack of information 6. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? Breaking News & Situational InfoBecome Your News Media Critical Review of Your PR Strategy Involving Your Community = Key For Many 7. MORE IMPORTANTLY? Relationships Matter 8. Partnerships Funding Message Amplification Fresh Ideas BENEFITS OF SOCIAL COMMUNICATIONS 9. Find the Energy Hubs Reputations / Credibility Trust Interest / Engagement Confusion Customer Service Concerns WHAT CAN YOU LEARN IF YOU LISTEN? 10. HOW TO LISTEN Become Familiar with Social Media Capabilities Social Networks like Facebook & Twitter Photo & Video-Sharing like FlicKr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest Use Social Media to Gather Your Daily News Twitter Advanced Search Use Social Aggregators like IceRocket, Topsy or Addictomatic 11. PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP 12. PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP 13. PROACTIVE LEADERSHIP 14. QUESTIONS & DISCUSSION? Cheryl Bledsoe 503-250-4882