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1. faith, studies, and service opportunities Student Mobilization Introducing Converge: The Missions Platform A YWAM Initiative 2. How internships change the world Xian Wu was an engineering student from Singapore. He joined our water resource engineering project in East Timor in 2003. What happened during that internship shaped his life and it is making an amazing impact today. Follow the link below to a short video for his story: 3. $1.5 BILLION saved in energy- related expenses 45 MILLION lives empowered 4 MILLION tons of CO2 offset 18 BILLION productive hours created for working & studying 11 MILLION school-aged children reached with solar lighting 66 GWH generated from renewable energy source SOCIAL IMPACT D.Light Design 4. YWAMCONVERGE.ORG THE MISSIONS PLATFORM Introducing 5. A UNIFIED PLATFORM FOR RECRUITING, TRAINING, AND FUNDING INTERN PROJECTS. Converge is 6. DESIGNED BY A HOST THROUGH ONLINE FORM Converge opportunities are Team Size Date/Duration of Stay Field of Study/Skills Languages Fees 7. PRE-DEPARTURE TRAINING DELIVERED THROUGH AN ONLINE COURSE Converge is 8. They use the easy online form to invite participants. They focus contributions for maximum impact. They apply, learn, serve and make a unique contribution. They disciple participants in their own community. CONNECTIONS Personas in our marketing strategy 9. BEACHHEAD Launching the Platform OUR LAUNCH STRATEGY IS TO BUILD ON THE GRASS ROOTS NETWORK OF OUR PARENT ORGANIZATION. 10. REACH Global Network of Parent Organization Our Parent Organization, Youth With A Mission, has 1,100 locations in over 180 countries. See YWAM has over 18,000 current staff from over 130 countries. YWAMs University of the Nations operates in 550 locations in 160 countries, with programs in over 90 languages, and engages over 25,000 students. Over 3 million people have been involved as YWAM staff or students. 11. Converge Participant Network Every Field Host Project is searchable on the site. Every Student has a shareable profile page. Every Mentor is connected with and chosen by the student. Every Donor designation is honored. Everyone rejoices together through the platforms global reach. REACH How Converge extends YWAMs network 12. YWAMCONVERGE.ORG THE MISSIONS PLATFORM