CARE Spearheads Relief Efforts for Syrian Refugees

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CARE Spearheads Relief Efforts for Syrian Refugees

Phillip Zakas CARE Spearheads Relief Efforts for Syrian Refugees

IntroductionA successful high-tech business leader and entrepreneur, Phillip Zakas oversees operations at the location software development kit (SDK) company Parkour Method. Before cofounding Parkour Method in 2015, he founded Gridskippr, the company responsible for producing the leading GPS SDK for Android and Apple iOS. Outside of the professional arena, Phillip Zakas has completed volunteer work and performed advisory roles for a number of charities and nonprofits including CARE.

CAREDedicated to ending hunger worldwide, CARE responds to specific environmental and sociopolitical emergencies as they arise around the world. These emergency initiatives include services for more than 65 million global refugees.

Syria and the Syrian refugees who have fled the country are currently a major area of concern for CARE. The ongoing conflict in Syria has forcibly displaced more people from Syria than individuals from any other country today. CARE strives to find these refugees and provide them with food and other essential items such as toiletries, detergent, diapers, blankets, tarps, and floor mats.