Baltic SCOPE stakeholder workshop on FISHERIES - conclusions from the Topic Paper *

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Text of Baltic SCOPE stakeholder workshop on FISHERIES - conclusions from the Topic Paper *

  1. 1. Fisheries in Central Baltic Conclusions from Topic Paper Presentation in Jurmala 31th May Terje Selnes
  2. 2. Sectorial charcterstics: Fisheries (1/3) Resource (Habitat) and Harvest (fisheries) Linkages to other sectors: Habitat (Environment) Routes/Ports (Shipping)
  3. 3. Sectorial charcterstics: Fisheries (2/3) Multiple spatial aspects - Areas (Nursery, Spawning & Fishing areas) - Lines (Routes between port and fishing area) - One or serveral positions depending on gear (Static gear or trawling)
  4. 4. Sectorial Charcteristics Fisheries (3/3) Spatial dynamics - Migration of fish stock to new areas (Historic fluctations and possible future effects of climate change) - Fishing grounds defined by market mechanisms (Food trends and market price for certain species)
  5. 5. Legislation In EU:s Common Fishery Policy (CFP) the Baltic sea is treated as a part of the transboundary EU waters for fishery Relation and influence MSP CFP?
  6. 6. Compiled Maps in Topic Paper
  7. 7. Agreed questions for Topic Paper from meeting in Tallinn 9th 10th February 2015 How do you want to represent fisheries in your marine plan? Who is involved in representing fisheries in your marine plan? How would you like to present your fishing interests in other countries EEZ? How would you like other countries to present their fishing interests in your marine plan?
  8. 8. Topic results: Representation of fishery in MSP Different phases of MSP process affects the answers -Estonia: Ongoing MSP discussions of the relevance and quality of existing data systems in fisheries to contribute to spatial designations. - Latvia: MSP report contains maps of important fishing grounds based on 70% of total landings - Sweden: Ongoing data call for updated maps of fisheries in MSP. Historic spatial dynamics in the sector and spatial distribution of economic value of catches are central aspects
  9. 9. Topic result: Involvement of fisheries in MSP process Different approach of involvement -Estonia: Sector and MSP management in different agencies. Collaborative GIS-portal (ESTgis) capturing fishery interest in a broad manner for the MSP process. - Latvia: Outsourced management of MSP process. Research institute (BIOR) responsible for fisheries sector within the MSP process - Sweden: Sector and MSP management both at SWaM. NGOs participation through feedback on published drafts in MSP
  10. 10. Topic results: Presentations of fishery in other countries MSP Different phases of MSP process affects the answers Similarities in answers - Focus on four species - Use the spatial information of landings from logbook data.
  11. 11. Issues to discuss in sectorial workshop in Jurmala National interests areas for fisheries outside EEZ Economic aspects objective for identification of important fishing grounds How to consider fishery dynamics in spatial designation of MSP? - Historic data to predict the future