Baltic SCOPE kick-off - Central Baltic case*

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Central Baltic CaseBaltic SCOPE Kick-off Event Rga 29.09.2015.Ingna Urtne

Objective - bring together national stakeholders to develop proposals and solutions for transbounadry MSP process!

Areas in blue and green represent areas with an acceptable biodiversity status, while areas in yellow, orange and red represent areas with an unacceptable biodiversity status, based on HELCOM (2009)

Who will be involved in?

Responsible national institutions:SE SWAMLV MoEPRD Spatial planning departmentEE MoF Spatial planning departmentNational eksperts from research, state institutions

HELCOM, NORDREGIOExchange of information and practices among SWC and CBC


Planners meetings setting scene for Thematic meetings (TM) and for discussing outcomesTM leaded by coordinators:Fisheries -SEEnvironment -LVEnergy LV and EEShipping EEStakeholder consultations at national level leaded by national experts Documents to support discussionsAssessment reportTopic papers for sectorsMapsConclusions, proposals

4 phases1. Assessment and identification of trans boundary MSP issues March -August 20152.Identification phase SE, LV and EE TM on Fisheries, Environment, shipping and energy, discussion on planning evidence, national and transboundary interests3.Solution phase- compilation of outcomes4. Conclusion phase recommendations

Conclusions from first phaseMSP developments are at different stages in LV, EE, and SE+ national planning processes have been initiated, stakeholders have been identified- challenges to balance interests, to link national and transboundary consultations (formal/informal processes)Driving forces national policies, main sectors - shipping, fisheries, energyEnvironment tricky topic, difficult to focus!

Environment in MSP dimensionsMapping of ecosystem servicesMapping of human impactsLinking impacts/ pressures with the measures to improve environmental status How to work with/for sectors?Mechanism for transboubdary SEIA consultations?+ HELCOM cooperation involving experts and stakeholders from commercial sectors- data and mapping for entire case study area- methods and approaches used at national level to implement ecosystem approach


Fisheries data: ICES, national research

fish resources protection areas important areas for fisheries

Shipping IMO, national regulations for shipping routes,safety

Criteria for route designationRestrictions to ensure shipping safetyShipping and constructions at the sea

EnergyProduction and transmission networkWhere to place offshore energy production and how?

NEXT stepsDiscussions at national level and EE, SE, LV thematic expert meetings :national interests/ prioritiesdata exchangeLV MSP transboundary consultation exercise

SE, LV and EE will conduct national stakeholder consultations until mid- November EE LV will present first draft of national MSP at TM in December and will conduct national and transbounadry consultations until Feb 2016

knowledge sharing is not just about sharing great ideas its about improving the way that things get done by sharing the little things