Why seafood is important?

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Why Seafood is Important?Why Seafood is Important?Important Factors Seafood is known as the richest form of protein. 80% of the cardiac problems, 90% of the diabetes and 30% of the diet related diseases can be prevented with proper diet intake.The rich form of nutrients present in the fishes provide great health benefits . It is known as the low fat diet.It helps in development of - Brain It helps in development of brain tissue & neurodevelopment in infants. Heart Protects from heart attacks. Joints curing of rheumatoid arthritis. Eye May reduce symptoms of dry eye. Lungs Protects from asthma & bronchitis. Muscles Strengthens the muscles & tissues.Sources of Seafood -Seafood is obtained by two major sources 50 % by the wild caught sea animals50% by the sea farm or aquaculture.People get seafood from Seafood restaurants & Seafood vendorsVisit your nearest seafood restaurants and enjoy seafood for healthy living.