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Why is it Safe to Eat Preserved Food

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  • Why It Is Safe

    to Eat Preserved


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  • When people see preserved food, they usually retreat and look for

    healthier options. They think that preserved food have many additives

    that are harmful for the health. Its not the case for preserved food


    Non-Harmful Process

    The freeze-drying process does not

    involve harmful processes or

    ingredients. Food undergoes two drying

    phases the first from freezing the

    food, and the second from removing

    water and ice using a vacuum pump.

    People do not have to worry about

    catching any harmful materials

    because there is nothing to begin with.

    Companies use modern food preservation

    technique called freeze-drying to extend

    the lifespan of food without needing

    harmful additives. Freeze-dried food has

    properties that make it even better to

    eat preserved food.

  • A lightweight

    Freeze dried food are

    considerably lighter, weighing

    only 20% of their original forms.

    Theyre easy to carry when doing

    challenging activities such as

    camping, mountaineering and

    backpacking. Astronauts and the

    military also use freeze-dried

    food during long assignments.

    Same content

    The nutrients of freeze dried fruits are almost, if not the same as their

    fresh state. Researcher Gary Stoner Ph.D. said that freeze-dried fruits

    have significant amounts of vitamins and other nutrients compared to

    isolated versions like extracts. Freeze dried food retains the nutrients

    of their original form, so people still get their calories and vitamins.

    Weapon against cancer

    Eating freeze-dried food may also build the bodys resistance against

    cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research notes that, even in

    their freeze-dried state, berries contain antioxidant phytochemicals

    that work against cancers of the colon and esophagus.

  • They last longer

    As preserved food, they last longer than other food out there. Freeze-

    dried varieties last for an average of 10 years or more if stored

    properly. Manufacturers seal them in airtight bags to extend their shelf


    The freeze-drying process makes it possible for people to eat their food

    without worrying about harmful additives or short lifespan. Its benefits

    assure people that it is safe to eat preserved food today.








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