Raquel Bernal Venezuela - Some Facts About Chocolate

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  1. 1. This presentation is brought to you by Raquel Bernal ChocolateChocolate Presented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  2. 2. Chocolate-Where Does it Come From People have enjoyed chocolate as a delicious dessert for over 1000 years, yet few of us know where this delicious dessert comes from. Chocolate comes from the cacao tree. The Mayans and Aztecs were the first to make chocolate. They crushed the seeds of the cacao tree and added spices.Presented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  3. 3. Chocolate-Where does it Come From Continued Then they added hot water. This drink was called Chocolatl, meaning warm liquid. This drink was given to royalty and Emperor Montezuma drank 50 cups of this. Chocolatl was thought to be healthy. Chocolatl was then treated like a drink of the gods. Presented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  4. 4. How did Chocolatl Spread When Spanish explorers came, the Aztec thought they were gods. Montezuma offered them some Chocolatl. When they tried the Chocolatl, they found that it boosted their energy. In fact, Cortez once wrote, One cup of this drink and one may walk many a mile without food or substance. Cortez brought back aPresented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  5. 5. How did Chocolatl Spread Continued Chocolatl back to Spain and experimented with it. He added sugar so Chocolatl would fit with the Spanish taste. Soon, Chocolatl became the drink of nobility and received a new name, Chocolate. The Spanish guarded the secret of Chocolate closely. Presented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  6. 6. Chocolate Today People now all over the world can enjoy this delicious treat. Chocolate is used all over the world now, and eaten anywhere and anytime, whatever the occasion. Chocolate Eggs are eaten at Easter and Chocolate Hearts are given out atPresented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  7. 7. Chocolate Today Continued an essential part of our daily lives, Valentines Day. Chocolate has become popular these days. And chocolate will be remembered in a sweet way. Presented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela
  8. 8. What type of chemicals does chocolate have? In chocolate there are supposed to be at least 300 known chemicals. Some of the chemicals that chocolate contains is theobromine, xanthine, anandamide, and theophylline(whichis also found in tea). These chemicals are which make up object chocolate. Presented by: Raquel Bernal Venezuela


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