Quick Healthy Recipes for Kids

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Find healthy recipes including healthy breakfast recipes, Lunch recipes, desserts recipe and healthy snack recipes for kids that are easy and quick to cook through Motherszone.com.


  • 1. By : Motherszone
  • 2. Kids Breakfast Recipe Start your child's morning with these healthy breakfast recipes for kids : Idli Kanda Poha Namkeen Dalia Brown Bread Omelet
  • 3. Idli Recipe Start your child's morning with Healthiest Breakfast Option : Idli
  • 4. Kanda Poha Recipe Kanda Poha is Perfect for breakfast or as an evening snack too.
  • 5. Namkeen Dalia Recipe Healthy and yummy breakfast for not only kids but adults also :Namkeen Dalia
  • 6. Brown Bread Omelet Recipe Yummy, cheesy and very tasty Breakfast: Brown Bread Omelet
  • 7. Kids Lunch Box Recipe
  • 8. Curry Leaves and Besan Paratha Healthy and tasty recipe for your kids lunch box: Curry Leaves & Besan Paratha
  • 9. Egg & Potato Snacks In Egg & Potato Snacks lot of protein, fibre and Carbohydrate.
  • 10. Soya Kebabs In Soya Kebabs, Soya is highly nutritious and healthy food product. It is rich in protein.
  • 11. Banana Dog Bite Bananas, Nut Butter, and Whole Wheat Tortillas come together to make this fun and healthy snack for kids of all ages!
  • 12. Shrikhand Shrikhand is made from hung curd, sweetened with sugar, and flavored with cardamom and saffron.
  • 13. Mango Balls with Yogurt Healthy & yummy desert recipe for kids made with fruits, yogurt and nuts having loads of nutrition.
  • 14. Healthy Fruit Salad kids will definitely love this colorful fruit salad.
  • 15. Fruit Smoothie This delicious Fruit smoothie consisting of strawberries, banana, orange juice and yoghurt.
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