Present situation of cattle industry in Sri-Lanka

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  1. 1. Present situation of cattle industry in Sri-Lanka
  2. 2. Present situation of Cattle industry in sri lanka Agriculture contribution to GDP -11% Live stock sectore inlove to GDP -0.8% Dairy industry in Sri Lanka is the most prioritized sub sector for livestock development at present .
  3. 3. Cattle population in sri lanka 2013- Dairy cow-1265039 ( 1.3 million) Baffalow -473911 About 400,000farmers are involved in dairy industry Milking cow-280250 Cow-not milking-286760 Other cow-213500 Bull-183280 Calves-271760
  4. 4. Domestic milk production-259 Millon litters Required milk production to self sufficient year 2016 -741 millon l To be self-sufficient in milk a further 482 million liters has to be produced annually. Amount of improt -67-70% Amount of domestic productio-33-30% Sri Lanka imports 85,000 Mt. of milk powder annually spending a sum of Rs.30 -40 billion.
  5. 5. Annual per capita milk consumption- 35 kg Cost of production to for milk bottle-Rs.29.58 Retail price of milk bottle -Rs50-60 (Rs 67.50 L) Cattle population in sri lanka 61% 29% 10% local breed Coss breed Pure breed
  6. 6. Cattle rearing area in sri lanka Amount of milk production l/day Up country- 6-8 Mid country- 4-5 Coconut tangle 3-3.5 Wet low 3-3.5 Dry low 1-1.5 Mahawelli area
  7. 7. World milk production 727mil MT (year 2011) India - the worlds largest milk producer, The countries with the highest milk surpluses 1.New Zealand 2. United States of America 3. Germany 4. France 5. Australia 6.Ireland New Zealand and Australia produce milk to export World milk production
  8. 8. Importunes of Dairy industry in sri lanka Potential to increase milk production in Sri Lanka Constraint in(main problem) Dairy industry in sri lanka The way to Develop dairy industry in sri lanka Current project going on to Develop Dairy industry
  9. 9. Potential to increase milk production in Sri Lanka 1. Ability to use as nourishing food (provide sugar lactose, protein, fat, mineral and vitamin) 2. several milk products pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, non fat milk, skimmed milk, molted milk, curd, butter cheese 3. Animal population high domestic animal population 4. Increasing demand for liquid milk and milk products
  10. 10. 5) Favorable Government policies to improve milk production in SriLanka National Dairy Development Programme as per the Mahinda Chinthana policy. Increased services (inseminated animals, veterinary service, technical service, animal feeds, and loan facilities Increased average farm gate price of milk up to Rs.50/L
  11. 11. Main problems in cattle industry Reduction of cattle population. (Lack of inseminated animals and number of killing is increased). Lack of hybrid breeds Less success rates of artificial insemination Lack of good quality feeds Less efficiency in Milk collection and distribution
  12. 12. How to over come? By creating competition among milk farmers Enhancing commercial milk production Improving infrastructure facilities Developing new approaches for marketing milk and milk products crossbreeding of the local cattle population with exotic blood, dissemination of information and the marketing aspect.