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<p> 1. -SOMETHING TO SHARE- CHICKEN WINGS 14 Golden fried chicken wings, tossed w/ garlic &amp; chilli sauce DUO OF DIPS 16 House made duo of dips, served w/ warm pita bread &amp; olive oil. Ask your waiter for todays selection TOMATO BRUSCHETTA (V) 18 Toasted sourdough bread, Cape Schanck heirloom tomato &amp; basil w/ Meredith goats cheese &amp; vincotto DROMANA BAY MUSSELS 18 Tossed w/ a tomato, white wine &amp; chilli sauce served w/ crusty bread -PORTSEA CLASSICS- THE POINT NEPEAN BURGER 25 Black Angus beef patty, cheddar, crispy bacon, red onion, rocket &amp; tomato chilli relish w/ aioli on a brioche bun w/ chips FISHNCHIPS (L) 27 Beer battered market fresh fish. Served w/ fries, green salad, tartar sauce &amp; lemon SALT &amp; PEPPER CALAMARI (L) 26 Semolina dusted fried calamari served w/ Asian slaw, fried shallots &amp; wasabi aioli CHICKEN SCHNITZEL 25 Crumbed chicken breast w/ chips &amp; green salad Add Gravy 1.50 THE PORTSEA PARMA 28 Crumbed chicken breast w/ Napoli,ham &amp; mozzarella. Served w/ chips -PIER TO PADDOCK- MINUTE STEAK 26 Scotch fillet minute steak &amp; chips served w/ Italian rocket &amp; parmesan salad &amp; English mustard MANGO &amp; SMOKED SALMON SALAD 25 (GF) (L) Pepper smoked salmon fillet w/ mango, avocado, chard, dried craisins &amp; a honey chilli dressing PULLED PORK BURGER 25 Slow cooked pork shoulder, hot mustard slaw served w/ wedges &amp; chipotle aioli GOATS CHEESE &amp; PEA RISOTTO 25 (V) Crushed pea &amp; Meridith goats cheese carnaroli rice w/ a hint of preserved lemon MORROCAN QUINOA SALAD 22 (Vegan)(V)(GF)(L) Red quinoa &amp; chickpea w/ sumac sweet potato, rocket, red onion, mint, cumin &amp; lime dressing finished w/ hazelnut dukka &amp; a pomegranate molasses PRAWN LINGUINI 30 Linguini tossed w/ prawns, garlic, chilli, Cape Schanck heirloom tomato &amp; basil w/ a white wine butter sauce Option: Gluten free penne pasta 4 PAN SEARED ATLANTIC SALMON 31 Served w/ a salad of Cape Schanck beetroot &amp; frisee, citrus crme fraiche w/ rye crumbs FISH OF THE DAY MARKET PRICE Market fresh fish check specials for todays catch RANGERS VALLEY WAGYU RUMP 36 (GF) 5+ score Wagyu rump, pan tossed baby potatoes, asparagus, wood smoked bacon &amp; truffle jus Our local farm in Cape Schanck produces GM free &amp; pesticide free produce, supplying the Portsea Hotel with the freshest vegetables and salad mix. Where ever we can the Chefs will source local produce keeping local farmers on the land. -ON THE SIDE- CHIPS (V) 8.5 ONION RINGS 10 (V) Beer battered w/ chipotle mayo BROCCOLINI 8 (V)(GF) Served w/ lemon &amp; chive butter WEDGES (V) 12 w/ sour cream &amp; sweet chilli BABY POTATOES &amp; CRISPY PANCETTA 10 GARDEN SIDE SALAD (G)(V)(L) 5 -KIDS MEALS- SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE 11 Spaghetti tossed w/ bolognese sauce &amp; topped with parmesan Option: Gluten free penne pasta 4 CHICKEN NUGGETS 11 Served w/ salted chips FISHNCHIPS 11 Battered fish served w/ salted chips CHOC TOP ICE CREAM 5 -SOMETHING TO FINISH- Please check our cake display fridge for the daily dessert specials -AVAILABLE FROM THE BEER GARDEN- (G) = GLUTEN FREE (L) = LACTOSE FREE (V) = VEGETARIAN PLEASE QUOTE YOUR TABLE NUMBER WHEN ORDERING AT THE COUNTER. WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR VISIT!12 2. -BEER + CIDER- FROM THE TAPS 285ml 570ml James Boags Draught Launceston, TAS 5 10 James Squire 150 lashes Parramatta, SYD 6 12 Stone &amp; Wood Pacific Ale Byron Bay, NSW 6 12 JS Chancer Golden Ale Parramatta, SYD 6 12 4 Pines Pale Ale Manly, SYD 6 12 Little Creatures Bright Ale Fremantle, WA 6 12 Little Creatures Pale Ale Fremantle, WA 6 12 Mountain Goat Summer Ale Richmond, VIC 6 12 White Rabbit White Ale Healsville, VIC 6 12 Heineken Holland 6 12 Peroni Italy 7 14 Asahi Japan 8 16 330ml 525ml Colonial Small Ale Margaret River, WA 5.5 9 Colonial Draught Margaret River, WA 6.5 10 285ml 570ml Cheeky Rascal Apple Cider Mornington Peninsula 6 12 Cheeky Rascal S/Berry Apple Mornington Peninsula 6 12 BOTTLED BEER Boags Premium Light Launceston, TAS 5.5 Corona Mexico City, Mexico 9 BOTTLED CIDER Somersby Cider Denmark 9 -WINE- SPARKLING GLS BTL Cape Schanck Regional Victoria 9 39 Dunes &amp; Greene NV PN/CHD South Eastern Australia 10 50 Dalzotto Prosecco King Valley, Vic 65 Jansz NV Tasmania 62 Verve Ambal Champagne, France 70 Pommery Champagne, France 95 Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, France 149 Charles-Heidsieck Champagne, France 160 RIESLING Paringa Estate Mornington Peninsula 9 39 50 Trocken Rheingau Germany 9.5 41 Leo Buring Eden Valley Eden Valley 41 Pacha Mama Central Victoria 10 50 SAUVIGNON BLANC Hallow Ground Sem Sauv Margaret River 9 39 The Pass Marlborough, NZ 9.5 45 Catalina Sounds Marlborough, NZ 11 55 Herringbone Marlborough, NZ 49 Shaw &amp; Smith Adelaide Hills 65 PINOT GRIS/GRIGIO Airlie Banks Pinot Gris Yarra Valley 9 39 Foxeys Hangout Gris Mornington Peninsula 10 50 Darley Heathcote Victoria 10.5 50 Pacha Mama Central Victoria 50 Gregoris Pinot Grigio Italy 52 CHARDONNAY Cape Schanck Central Victoria 9 39 Moorooduc Devils Bend Mornington Peninsula 10 50 Kooyong Clonale Mornington Peninsula 68 Yabby Lake Mornington Peninsula 89 OTHER WHITES Mojo Moscato Langhorne Creek, SA 9 42 Rolling Hills Moscato Central Ranges, NSW 9.5 45 ROSE Triennes Provence, France 9 42 Pink Claw Mornington Peninsula 52 Le Stagiare Central Victoria 59 Jansz Rose NV Tasmania 62 SHIRAZ Moonstruck Central Vic 9.5 39 Grant BurgeBenchmark Barossa, SA 9.5 45 Darley Heathcote 42 Foxeys Hangout Whitegate Mornington Peninsula 58 Tournon Mathilda Heathcote Vic 45 Four in Hand Barrossa Sa 62 BLENDS Smith &amp; Hooper Merlot Wrattonbully, SA 9 43 Heartland Stickleback Langhorne Creek 9 38 Vasse Felix Cab Sauv Merlot Margaret River 10 50 Te Mata Gamay Noir Hawkes Bay, NZ 42 Parker Cab Sauv Coonawarra, SA 60 PINOT NOIR Cape Schanck Mornington Peninsula 9.5 45 Opawa Malborough NZ 10 60 Red Claw Mornington Peninsula 52 Portsea Estate Mornington Peninsula 58 Kooyong Massale Mornington Peninsula 69 WHISKEY 30mL Johnnie Walker Red 9.5 Famous Grouse 9.5 Canadian Club 9.5 Jameson 10 Jack Daniels 10 Chivas Regal 12 year old 10 BOURBON George Dickel 9.5 Wild Turkey 10 Wild Turkey Rare Breed 11 GIN Tanqueray 9.5 Bombay 9.5 Gordons 9.5 TEQUILA Herradura Plata 10 Don Julio Anejo 12 Patron XO Caf 14 Patron Silver 14 Herradura Anejo 15 RUM 30mL Bacardi 9.5 Havana Club Anejo Especial 9.5 Appletons Jamaican 10 Captain Morgan Spiced 10 VODKA Smirnoff 9.5 Grey Goose 12 Belvedere 12 BRANDY / COGNAC St Remy Brandy 9.5 Hennessy VSOP Cognac 12 Courvoisier VSOP Cognac 14 -SPIRITS- SPANISH SANGRIA $20 JUG </p>