Double page annotations

Double page annotations

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Double page annotations

One side consist just a image without text. This gives importance to this image and makes it seem like that this double page spread it dedicated to her.

It is a simple plain white background which contrast to the red stripes in the sheets and the blackness in the costume that this artist is wearing . This makes the artist stand out on the two pages, again emphasising that the article is all about her.

The title for this double page spread is ‘got the love’ and this is written in a fancy italic way. This makes it stand out on the page. Furthermore ‘got the love’ is one of the most famous songs by Florence and the machine.

Her expressions are quite edgy and aggressive, this makes her seem like she has an attitude and it also could suggest her confidence within herself.

The mise-en-scene is very simple, and not many props have been used. The artist is sitting on a table which is covered in red and white stripes, therefore it sticks to the colour scheme of the whole article.

The text is laid out neatly. It started with an enlarged ‘D’ which is written in the same font as the title of the article. This shows the consistency of the double page spread.

The image of this artist looks simple and natural. The audience will be able relate to this as they can relate to an average person rather than a celebrity.

The viewers are straight away attracted to this quote as it is bold and has black background behind it. This title is disjointed and uneven, this makes it stand out on the page and attract the readers towards it and makes them want to read ahead.

The white background for the double page spread is starting to become more common and this makes it easier to read the black text on the page.

The colour scheme of black, white and red is visible on the while page. This keeps a simple but eye-catching colour scheme which draws the readers in.

The layout of this double page spread s very effective as viewers are not overwhelmed by bright colours or too much text which would definitely take away their attention.

Her shirt is the only colourful element on the whole page. This attracts the viewers attention.

The important things are coloured in red such as the artists names ‘Lily Allen’ and the writers name ‘Anna McMillan’ . The red on this text, relates to her shirt which makes the whole double page spread more comfortable to look at due to the colours relating together rather than clashing.