ReCoMag, a magnetic force-based universal water and wastewater treatment system

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In 2006, SCIMEE Group invented ReCoMag, a magnetic force-based water treatment technology that allows isolation of nonferromagnetic solids from wastewater with its rare-earth magnet disc (ReMagDisc) separators, opening an avenue to develop magnetic force-based universal water treatment system. The principle of ReCoMag is simple. The technology takes advantage of conventional coagulation and flocculation reaction, preconditions wastewater with ferromagnetic microparticles (aka MagCarrier), allows co-precipitation of MagCarrier and solids into flocs and consequently renders nonferromagnetic solids in the flocs tractable to magnetic force. The flocs can then be readily isolated by a powerful magnetic device, ReMagDisc, without the requirement of their gravitational settling. In practice, the ReCoMag system has four components that perform distinct functions and also coordinate with each other. 1. An automatic chemical injection manifold dispenses coagulant, flocculant and MagCarrier. 2. A coagulation reactor allows co-precipitation of solids and MagCarrier to occur adequately. 3. A ReMagDisc separator continuously isolates MagCarrier-containing flocs without the requirement of their gravitational settling. 4. A magnetic drum recovers MagCarrier from sludge and recycles MagCarrier back into the coagulation reactor. SCIMEE's researchers and engineers have created various versions of the ReCoMag system that have been optimized for municipalities and different industrials. Each ReCoMag version has rapidly gained momentum in its target market since launched. The success of the ReCoMag system can be attributed to its key advantages compared with the conventional wastewater treatment approaches. These advantages include high processing capacity, high treatment efficiency, low capital and operation cost and small footprint. In addition, it is energy-saving, because ReMagDisc does not need electricity to elicit magnetic force. Last, more than 95% of MagCarrier can be recycled for reuse and the whole treatment process takes only 3-5 mins.

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2. ThePrincipalofReCoMag:Ferromagnetic Microparticle Carrier Technology (aka MagCarrier), Renders Nonferromagnetic Solids Tractable to Magnets (1) Condition wastewater by adding the MagCarrier (a) (2) Co-precipitate solids and MagCarrier into flocs by adding coagulant (b) and flocculant (c) in a 3-min process, consequently rendering the solids susceptible to magnetic force (3) A magnet (d) continuously removes floating flocs N S Suspended solids Dispersed solids (1) (2) (3) MagCarrier (a) Coagulant (b) Magnet (d)Flocculant (c) 3. ReMagDiscSeparator Arare-earthpermanentmagnet-basedsolid/liquiddiscseparator wasalsoinventedbySCIMEEgroup& wasoriginallydesignedtotreatwastewater inironandsteelindustry 4. ReMagDisc Separator MagCarrier Technology ReCoMag Systems ReMagDisc Separators together with the MagCarrier Technology empower diverse SCIMEEs ReCoMag Water Treatment Systems. ReCoMagWater&Wastewater TreatmentSystems 5. ARepertoireofReCoMagSystems SCIMEE offers a variety of rare-earth permanent magnet-based wastewater treatment systems that have been tailored for Oil and Gas Industry (ReCoMagOG), Resource Mining Industry (ReCoMagMW), Inland Water Bodies (ReCoMagHiSC), Municipal Sewage Treatment Facilities (ReCoMagHiSC) Emergent Water Treatment (ReCoMagMobile) and Research Institutions (ReCoMagLab). 6. KeyAdvantagesofReCoMagSystems Large Processing Capacity: 1,500 cubic meters per hour per unit High Quality Effluent: TSS < 10 mg/L, TP < 0.5 mg/L Fast Processing Speed: The whole process takes 3 min Small Footprint: One unit with a capacity of 24,000 tons per day occupies only 80 square feet Low Capital Cost: 30 % cheaper than the conventional equipment Low Operation Cost: Reduces chemical consumption 30%, saves energy & recovers 95% of MagCarrier for reuse Backwash: No backwash 7. ALow-cost,SmallFootprint,FullyAutoma)cand UndergroundReCoMagMWSystemReclaims InuentforReuseinMiningOpera)on WaterTreatmentSystem:ReCoMagMWsystem ProcessingCapacity:12,000cubicmetersperday ProjectType:Build-Transfer(BT) Client:ChangzhiCoalMine ProjectLoca)on:ShanxiProvince,China 8. Lakes/Rivers WaterVolume (m3) ReCoMag Systems Capacity (m3/d) WhiteHorseLake,Chengdu 1,230,000 ReCoMagHiSC 50,000 ForestParkLake,Beijing 800,000 ReCoMagHiSC 25,000 CommunityParkLake,Beijing 30,000 ReCoMagHiSC 19,000 SpaceCityLake,Beijing 20,000 ReCoMagHiSC 10,000 CityRiver,Beijing ReCoMagmobile 10,000 LaoFengRiver,Beijing ReCoMagmobile 30,000 ExamplesoftheReCoMagSystemsin Comba)ngPollutedInlandWaterBodies 9. ReCoMagHiSC (5000m3/d) UV Disinfection Reuse as landscape water Cyclic Active Sludge System (CASS) Fluidized Bed BioReactor ReCoMagHISC (5000 m3/d) UV Disinfection Discharge ReCoMagHISC (10000 m3/d) UV Disinfection UASB + CASS Shallow Medium Filter Discharge Ter)aryTreatmentwithReCoMagHISCto RemoveNutrientsandReduceTurbidity Secondary Treatment Ter)ary Treatment (SCIMEE-style) Euent quality (mg/L) TSS: