Keep printing, Use paper, But save tree

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  • Paper consumptionTypically paper made of cellulose pulp which driven from wood.World wide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years.35% of harvested trees are being used for paper manufacturing.Where about 10% of this wood are from old growth forests

  • Paper consumptionOne large tree could provide supply of Oxygen for two people.

  • Paper consumptionWorld wildlife fund400 million tons/year is the global paper consumption of 2010Almost half of this is consumed by Europeans and North America.U.S. annual pulp paper consumption exceeds 110 million tones per year.Which consuming 1 billion trees annually from an area of 12400 Sq. miles approximately every year.

  • Paper waste and recyclingPhoto: Chemical sludge collecting. Paper mill, Saini village, Uttar Pradesh - India The production and recycling of paper has numbers of adverse effect on the environment.In the cleaning process, despite the water is being treated after use, soil is being contaminated.In the deinking process the water use is being mixed with soap-like chemicals called surfactants, producing sludge which need to be burn on 800c to be reused.

  • Paper waste and recyclingBleaching process (whitening process) using elemental Chlorine, which release into the environment large amount of Chlorinated Organic Compounds.This Dioxins are recognized as a persistent environmental pollutant, Carcinogenic, and highly toxic for soil & water.

  • Paper waste and recyclingU.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 28 April 2007U.S. alone produce 71.6 million tons of paper waste per year, which accounts to 40% of the total waste.A bale of paper to be recovered, is not totally paper, 20% of it contains: staples, paper clips, plastics.35% of the rest 80% of the bale is the paper sludge comes out from the cleaning and deinking process.

  • Paper waste and recyclingPaper university 2007Accordingly, only half of the recycled paper produced as new paper, noting that America recovered nearly 50% of its total paper waste.Beside deinked pulp paper is not as strong nor as bright as paper made from virgin pulp.

  • Paper waste and recycling** photos from left to right: Australia, Rio de janeiro, Amazon forestDespite the advent of the Digital Age and the paper recycling use increased, Earth loosing about 13million hectares of wood per year.

  • Tree-free PaperTree-free paper made from alternative raw material composition used instead of wood-pulp paper.Its claimed to be more eco-friendly because the source of fibers entire life used is less than 10 years.

  • Tree-free PaperSource of fibers:Agriculture residues like sugarcane bagasse, husks, and straw.Wild plants such as Bamboo, kenaf, hemp, and flax.Textile waste.

    **No need to recycle the sugarcane paper because it could be used as composite for soil, it doesnt need chemical treatments.

  • Explain to the future generations, it was good for the Economy when they cant farm the land, breath the air, nor drink the water.1978 2012