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The power of sustainable forestry The Bridge 2016

Gustav Tibblin

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The power of sustainable forestryThe Bridge 2016

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Södra – A global forest industry Group

2016-06-21 2

One of the world’s largest

manufacturers of softwood pulp

One of Europe’s largest sawmill operations

Leading supplier of bioenergy and


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Södra – The energy side of the business


Wood volume

15 million m3subEnergy production

17 TWh

In energy terms

12 TWh internal

needs 5 TWh external energy sales

30 TWh


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The power of sustainable forestry – How did we get here?

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The challenges ahead – The CO2 issue

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The CO2 issue


This is also the size of one tonne CO2

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CO2 – The order of magnitude in Sweden


KSLA Tidskrift 200:4


Forest uptake of CO2

Annual harvest CO2

Accumulated CO2

Gross emissions of



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1 m3 wood

Substitution and CO2


500 kg CO2

1 500 kg CO2

900 kg CO2

Sathre & O’Connor 2010


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Tackling the CO2-issue – The forestry way

Plant more trees!

Use more wood!


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The challenges ahead – Transportation fuels

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Swedish Energy agency, Energiläget 2014

Transportation fuels in Sweden



PowerNatural gas


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2016-06-21 13

”We accept the challenge to redirect the Swedish transportation fleet”

The green industry in Sweden wants to participate in redirecting the Swedish tranportation fleet by 2030. This will require climate policy decisions on long term instruments and a clear growth target for agriculture and forestry in Sweden.

Det gröna näringslivet vill vara med och ställa om Sveriges fordonsflotta till år 2030, men då krävs klimatpolitiska beslut om långsiktiga styrmedel och tydliga tillväxtmål för jord- och skogsbruket.

ATL maj 2016

Torgny Hardselius, chairman Norra; Karin Perers, chairman Mellanskog; Bengt-Olov Gunnarson, chairman Lantmännen; Lena Ek, chairman Södra; Helena Jonsson, chairman LRF; Gunnar Heibring, chairman Norrskog; Sven Erik Hammar, chairman LRF Skogsägarna.

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Summary and challenges

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Our reasons to be

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Challenges ahead


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