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  1. 1. Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve
  2. 2. Sl. No. Govt. of Karnataka Notification Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary Anshi National Park Total Area (in Sq Km) Remarks 1 FEE 58 FWL 96 Dated: 09-03-1998 475.018 - 475.018 Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary 2 FEE 221 FWL 99 Dated: 18-08-2003 - 339.866 339.866 Anshi National Park 3 FEE-254-FWL-2006 dated: 04-01-2007 475.018 339.866 814.884 Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve 4 FEE-299-FWL-2007 dated: 20-12-2007 475.018 339.866 814.884 Dandeli-Anshi Tiger Reserve Core /Critical Tiger Habitat Additional area of Joida Range of Karwar Division 5 FEE-16-FWL-2008 dated: 11-09-2008 163.3303 - 163.3303 Buffer area Notification No: FEE 123 FWL 2009 dated: 01-09-2010 1. An overview of Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve
  3. 3. 6 Additional area of Kadra Range of Karwar Division FEE-16-FWL-2008 dated: 21-8-2009 Notification No. FEE 123 FWL 2009 dated: 1-9- 2010 Total - 77.4823 29.62 12.20 77.4823 29.62 12.20 282.63 Buffer area Total Buffer area 77.48+163.33 29.62 (Ulvi) +12.20 (Bommanalli Tank) (Virnoli Range) Total Area: 638.3483 459.1683 1097.5166 7 Additional area of Tinaighat Range of Haliyal Division FEE-302-FWL-2011-(I) dated: 27-12-2011 248.0661 Buffer area Grand Total of Area: 886.4144 459.3023 1345.7167 Contd
  4. 4. Location map of Dandeli-Anshi-Khanapur-Goa Landscape
  5. 5. Rainfall distribution map of DATR
  6. 6. Glory
  7. 7. Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve
  8. 8. Tiger selfie in Kulgi range
  9. 9. Tiger cubs
  10. 10. Camera Trapped Cattle Kill by Leopard CASTLEROCK RANGE
  11. 11. camera trapped Melanistic Leopard
  12. 12. camera trapped Cats
  13. 13. Nocturnal animals
  14. 14. camera trapped Dhole
  15. 15. Nocturnal animals
  16. 16. Camera Trapped Poachers found in Kulgi Range
  17. 17. White Water River Rafting. Jungle Safari Experience Timber Trail Bird Trail Interpretation Hall Library Kulgi Nature Camp
  18. 18. Jungle Safari Experience Kadra to Kodthalli Trekking: Barpali to Kadra View point Anshi to Nesarthemb Bargadda to Kamargaon White water rafting Timber Trail Barpali to Kadra View Point Bird Trail : Nature Camp to Maingini to Nature Camp Anshi Nature Camp
  19. 19. Trekking: Kuveshi to Doodhsagr top Kungini to Kuveshi Anmod Highway to Anmod Micro Tower Ivoli to Kuveshi Bird Watching: Tadki to Viral Castlerock Adventure Camp
  20. 20. o Wilderness Camps o Jungle Ride o Bird Watching o Syntheri Rock o Forest Trekking o Kavala Cave o River Rafting o Interpretation o Research and Monitoring Existing Activities
  21. 21. Income tax 80G Exemption to Dandeli tiger foundation (First in State)
  22. 22. Chart of Desirables
  23. 23. Protection Construction/Adoption of APC Camps Rapid Response Vehicle Camera Traps Erection of Solar Fencing Maintenance of Patrolling routes
  24. 24. RehabilitationRehabilitation DATR 629 Remotely placed, Scattered habitations NTCA Guidelines @ 10.00 Lakh /family
  25. 25. 1. Deputy Commissioner Presiden t 2. Deputy Conservator of Forests, Wildlife Division Dandeli Member Secretar y 3. Chief Executive Engineer, Zilla Panchayat Karwar Member 4. Executive Engineer, PWD , Sirsi Member 5. District Tribal Development Officer, Karwar Member 6. District Heath Officer., Karwar Member 7. Joint Director, Agricultural Department Karwar Member 8. Joint Director, Public Education Department, Karwar Member 9. Executive Engineer HESCOM Karwar Member 1 0. Executive Engineer, Minor irrigation Department, Karwar Member 1 1. Executive Engineer, Zilla Pachayat Karwar Member District relocation Committee has been formed as per Government Order no 78 FWL 2009 Bangalore dated: 18-12- 2009
  26. 26. 3 Families Ramachandra Bhagwat Vishwanath R Bhagwat Bhaskar R Bhagwat Gangoda Village, Phansoli Relocated to Tugadbail, Yallapur.
  27. 27. 3 Families Maruti Rajaram Shetiya Venkatraman M Shetiya Narasimha M Shetiya Babakumbri Village, Anshi Relocated to Nagarkhan, Yallapur.
  28. 28. 4 Families Maheshwar Rajaram Shetiya Chandrakant M Shetiya Chandrashekar M Shetiya Manjunath M Shetiya Babakumbri Village, Anshi Relocated to Kannigeri, Yallapur.
  29. 29. Mahabaleshwar Babu Desai Kailwada Village, Anshi Relocated to Amrai, Karwar.
  30. 30. 2 Families Ganapati Vittal Savant Suraj G Savant Savantmatkarni Village, Anshi Relocated to Hulga, Karwar.
  31. 31. 4 Families Krishna Vittal Savant Vittal Krishna Savant Premanand Krishna Savant Mohandas Krishna Savant Savantmatkarni Village, Anshi Relocated to Arbail, Yallapur.
  32. 32. 2 Families Kashinanath Vittal Savant Tulasidas Kashinath Savant Savantmatkarni Village, Anshi Relocated to Arbail, Yallapur.
  33. 33. Adoption of Log huts - Kulgi Nature Education Camp, Anshi Evergreen Camp, Castlerock Adventure Camp Safari Experience by branding Nature Tourism
  34. 34. Safari Vehicles DATR (3 Kulgi, 3 Dandeli) Bridge/Causway - DATR (Sathkanda Falls), Maintenance of Safari roads. Safari
  35. 35. State of Art Interpretation cum Ecotourism Centre at Dandeli - Anshi Tiger Reserve Nature Interpretation Centre is an institution to disseminate the knowledge of nature or cultural heritage. These centres use different means of communication to enhance the understanding of nature and heritage. Unlike traditional museums, interpretation centres do not usually aim to collect, conserve and study objects; they are specialized institutions for communicating the specific significance and meaning of nature and heritage. They work to educate and raise awareness among public. Interpretation centres are a kind of new-style museum, often associated with visitor centres or ecomuseums, and located in connection to cultural, historic or natural sites.
  36. 36. To establish state of art interpretation centre at DATR to create awareness and promote biodiversity, conservation and eco-tourism in the area. To make visitors appreciate the rich diversity of Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve
  37. 37. Forest Rest House - Mandurli, Chinchkhand, Castlerock (DATR), Infrastructure