Christmas crafts you can make from waste

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<ol><li> 1. Make Your Own Christmas Decorations from Recycled Materials </li><li> 2. These 3D paper snowflakes are far more sophisticated than their 2D cousins. You can make them as big or as small as you like, hang them from the tree, ceiling or even turn them into a garland. Try the tutorial 3D Snowflakes </li><li> 3. Dont throw a blown incandescent light bulb straight into the bin. Transform it into either a snowman or a penguin instead! Simply glue all over the lightbulb with PVA and roll in glitter, then add features with a glue pen for an instant snowman. Penguin tutorial Lightbulb Characters </li><li> 4. With a bit of creative flair, you can turn a pine cone into a Christmas tree to hang on your Christmas tree. It doesnt get much more Christmassy than that! Alternatively, mix glitter, water and PVA glue and paint onto your pinecone for an instant rustic decoration. Pine Cone Tree Image via </li><li> 5. Snip loo roll into strips and flatten each strip slightly before gluing or stapling together to form a star. Use pegs or paperclips to hold in place while the glue dries. Finish off with paint and glitter. Voila! Loo Roll Snowflakes Image via </li><li> 6. You dont just have to make old greetings cards into gift tags Why not use them to make shabby chic bunting? Greetings Card Garland Image via </li><li> 7. This presentation has been brought to you by Thanks for reading! First Utility website First Utility Twitter First Utility Google+ First Utility blog First Utility Customer Services </li></ol>


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